Nero 2015 Platinum and Nero 2015 Classic, multimedia package for the PC

Nero Platinum 2015 and Nero Classic 2015

Nero has released a new version of its Nero 2015 Platinum and Nero 2015 Classic multimedia platforms . These platforms have received a significant number of improvements for use with the computer, such as the ability to stream videos directly to an Android smartphone or tablet , faster video conversion or a new main interface to access in one click. all applications on this platform. The Nero 2015 Classic version is priced at 80 euros, while the more advanced version Nero 2015 Platinum has a cost greater than 100 euros. The user can also opt for standalone versions ofNero Burning Room or Nero Video 2015 for a price of 50 euros, or a basic version of the Nero Media Home 2015 program for free. We tell you all the details about this multimedia platform.

We start with the Nero 2015 Platinum , the most advanced version of this solution. One of the changes that have arrived is a new main interface of the program that will allow us to access all the tools in just one click. Another aspect that Nero has wanted to highlight is the ability to stream videos through any device with the iOS platform (iPad or iPhone) or Android. This playback is done wirelessly thanks to the Nero MediaHome Receiver App . In addition to a mobile device, multimedia content is also streamed directly to a TV player.The interaction with smartphones and tablets does not end there, since files can be recorded directly from one of these computers. The latest news to arrive on this platform is the ability to introduce geotagging in both photos and videos so that we can see the location where they were carried out.

Nero 2015 Platinum

In addition to these new features, Nero 2015 includes several enhancements to features that were already available in previous versions. First, Blu-ray Disc playback and content conversion to various video formats has been improved . We will also be able to use a host of new templates and high-quality image enhancement tools. The Nero 2015 Platinum is available for download for a price of 100 euros .

The Nero 2015 Classic is a less complete version of this multimedia platform. However, the ability to stream videos directly to an Android smartphone or tablet, iPhone or iPad , has also been incorporated . In addition, thanks to Nero AirBurn you can choose media files on your mobile device (and even documents) and burn them on the fly to a disc on your computer. The speed with which video conversion or recording is performed has also been improved, as well as a new main menu with quick access to the various tools. The main differences compared to the advanced version is the absence of Blu-ray playback, not being able to record and work with 4K video or fewer templates and effects.

In parallel to these functions, Nero has also reinforced the interaction of these multimedia platforms with its online storage tool Nero Cloud. This tool offers 5 GB of free storage. Users who want 25 GB of space will have to pay 30 euros a year, while users who want unlimited space will have to pay 50 euros a year. The Nero 2015 Classic is available for 80 euros . The company also offers the standalone programs Nero Burning Room or Nero Video 2015 for 50 euros , or a basic version calledNero Media Home 2015 for free.

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