Orange Vegas ”“ Thoroughly


Orange Vegas . This is how the mobile telephone operator Orange has baptized what is its first exclusive terminal . A simple, functional and unpretentious telephone (the typical one that is given with the points program or when signing the contract), with a view to those people who only need it to talk and little else. A strategy that competitors like Vodafone continue to exploit, as we saw at the Mobile World Congress 2008 , and to which the orange company is now joining. It goes without saying that it is aimed solely at Orange customers .

It is striking that, to debut in this sector, they have chosen to launch a touch screen model . On the one hand, it is clear that they are the ones that are setting the trend in the market right now. They manage to attract the attention of the user accustomed to the typical physical keys, while for the less experienced it facilitates a more intuitive operation , since they only have to press with their fingers directly on the surface of the interface .


However, for this it is essential that they have adequate dimensions. And this is not the case with Orange Vegas . The screen of this mobile is only 2.4 inches , which is equivalent to just six centimeters in diagonal. Too small to use comfortably . Especially when writing down the name of a contact or writing a text message, as it completely lacks a numeric keypad . The only thing that it provides us with are the usual buttons to accept and reject calls, two function keys and a central navigation cursor . That's it.


And maybe Orange has spent a bit trying to launch such a compact phone. Probably more compact than the bill . The device has a certain PDA look and measures only 88.5 x 56 x 12 millimeters, more or less the usual in terms of width and thickness. But throughout it falls too short, limiting the proportions of the touch screen . With its 80 grams of weight, it also stands as a fairly light mobile, in line with its small dimensions.

At the back of the terminal we can see that it has an integrated camera , along with a small reflective circle to frame us correctly when taking a photo of ourselves. In the Orange Vegas it is simply a supplement that you can not get too party, since its resolution is no more than 1.3 megapixels . Very little definition for the times.

In the multimedia section, only the FM radio tuner is mentioned in addition to the aforementioned camera . However, it would not be unreasonable to think that it could also play video files and songs in digital format, despite the fact that this is not explicitly mentioned in the official press release. Otherwise it is not understood that they include an additional Secure Digital card with a capacity of one gigabyte , because with the 256 megabytes of internal memory it would have more than enough.


The connectivity options don't go beyond mere functionality, either. It has Bluetooth wireless technology with which, among other things, we can use a hands-free kit or transfer data from one mobile to another without using cables . The use of the Internet on this phone will be rather anecdotal, since it can only connect via the low-speed GPRS network . This is probably why they have chosen to eliminate even the mail client that the latest generation terminals usually incorporate.

The last pending issue that the Orange Vegas should review is its limited autonomy . According to the information provided by the firm, it will be necessary to charge the battery after three hours of conversation or 170 hours of standby . Taking into account that this data is only fulfilled when the use of the terminal is completely optimized to reduce consumption (an unrealistic assumption), surely we will have to leave it plugged into the charger more frequently than is desirable .


Only prepaid customers or those of the Fusion plan (which combines card and contract options) will be able to purchase this Orange Vegas . It will be available from April in white or black . Its price will be 70 euros for those who are attached to the prepaid mode, while those of the Fusion plan can be made with it at no cost .

Data sheet

StandardGSM / GPRS
Weight and measurements88.5 x 56 x 12 mm

80 grams

Memory256 MB of internal memory expandable by microSD cards

2.4 inch TFT LCD
Multimedia 1.3 Megapixel sensor camera

FM radio tuner

Controls and connections

Touch interface

Call / pick up / accept key

Call reject / hang up key

Two function keys

Central navigation cursor

External microSD card slot

Wireless: Bluetooth


3 hours in conversation

170 hours standby

Price70 euros
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