How to receive emails from Microsoft Exchange in Gmail for mobile


Email providers have to evolve and, as Yahoo did in December last year, now Gmail claims that any user with another email address will be able to use its platform as a manager. We are talking about the function called "Gmailify" which allows owners of email addresses belonging to Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and to take advantage of Gmail's own features. The version of the mail manager that has received these news is the Gmail application for mobile phones that operate with the Android operating system. 

From now on,  Gmail for Android comes with support for Microsoft Exchange accounts . This was communicated yesterday from Gmail through their Twitter account.  From now on, users of any email account will be able to enjoy the benefits of Gmail without being Gmail . Some of these advantages include protection against spam to Gmail, the offers automatic classification of posts in categories , hotel or travel reservations automatically appear on Google Now for Android and better notifications. Additionally, Gmail for Android now works with multiple accounts regardless of whether or not they are fromGmail . Alongside all this, the new Gmail for Android incorporates text formatting, rich  well as c snapshots onfirmaciones attendance to events that have synced to Google Calendar

In addition to Exchange accounts , Gmail for Android supports Gmail (naturally),, Yahoo Mail, and other IMAP / POP accounts. If you are a user of different accounts, using a single application on your phone is the ultimate solution . Until now Outlook was the strongest option, and now Gmail will be a viable alternative.  

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How to add a Microsoft Exchange account in Gmail?

In the latest update of Gmail for Android that is already available in the Play Store, we can see that there is already an option dedicated to Exchange  in the last positions of the types of accounts that we can add. To add the account we go to the Gmail application and in the settings we select "add account". We will select the "Personal IMAP / POP" option, which includes Yahoo! accounts as well as Microsoft Exchange . We write the address of our account and if it will be a POP3 account (if it is to be installed on a single device) or on the contrary IMAP (if it will be installed on more than one device). After this step, it will ask us for the password and once we have added it it will direct us to the input server settings. We check that we have entered the password correctly with the option "show password" and we move on to next, we accept and we would have configured the Microsoft Exchange mail to send and receive in the Gmail application . Don't worry if you still don't see the option, it will appear in the next few days. According to the company, it will be available to everyone within 3 days .