Police close a movie download website and arrest its creator


The National Police has arrested the administrator of the page QueVeoHoy.com , a portal created in 2012 - just over three years ago - and which hid the identification of its owners . In it, thousands of titles could be found that violated the rights of the owners, with which the portal has been permanently closed and two brothers of the administrator are being investigated.

And it is that according to the Police itself, behind this page was a company whose objective was none other than the sale of vehicles and other products on the network . But during the month of February 2016, this portal has received more than two million visits between Spain, Latin America and the United States . Its profits exceeded 100,000 euros of advertising in the last two years.


One year of research

Investigations on this website began a year ago , just when the agents received a complaint from the Entity for the Management of Rights of Audiovisual Producers . After the relevant investigations, it was found that this domain had been registered through a company that ensured the anonymity of the portal administrator data.

The Police were able to verify that behind the portal was a company whose objective was none other than to sell vehicles and other products through the network. But on its website you could download movies, series and other material through links to the different titles.

Revenues came based on the number of users and the number of times they opened the published ads, thus exceeding 100,000 euros in profit in two years.

In fact, the registered office was fictitious and it had no activity related to the company. After the search in a flat in Valladolid, they have seized two computer equipment, two hard drives and more than 5,000 euros in cash . Two bank accounts with which they used to launder money with this illegal activity have also been blocked.

The arrested person has been accused of crimes against intellectual property and also money laundering. In addition, two brothers of the portal administrator are being investigated as part of the operation.

This operation has been carried out after the reform of the Penal Code that entered into force in July 2015 . In this modification it was agreed that it is punishable to offer "ordered and classified lists of links" that allow the downloading of works protected by copyright.

Although it should be noted that this investigation began before this approval , with which we would be facing a new legal battle against downloads. Since this means that it could go against the resolutions of the European Union , which according to these the links are not protected public communication.

This is how the eternal debate on piracy reopens, supported by EU resolutions on linked web pages.