Philips 6000 series TVs, with Ambilight and Android TV

Philips Series 6500

Philips renews its range of televisions to bring it up to date and add the connectivity and features necessary to keep up with what the sector demands. The Philips 6000 series family of televisions is thus renewed with the new 6300 and 6500 ranges . The screen with led backlighting , the Ambilight system and the Full HD resolution are some of the characteristics of these new televisions. In addition, the 6500 Series includes a Smart TV mode with Android TV operating system that will allow us to surf the Internet, download applications or share content from our smartphone or tablet . Next we review all its characteristics.

Starting with the new 6500 Series , these Philips TVs all feature Full HD resolution  and will be available with 32-, 40-, 50-, 55- and 65-inch displays . The 6500 Series has a modern and elegant design, thanks to its slim frame, right-angle tabletop stand and silver finish. All models come standard with the Ambilight system that many Philips televisions have enjoyed for some time. It is a lighting effect that is projected from the rear of the television onto the wall in the background, illuminating it with different colors depending on what is being projected on the screen. Controlling the Ambilight systemIt allows us to configure it in Gaming mode , for games or in Lounge mode for a more leisurely effect.

Philips 6300 Series

The most interesting feature of the 6500 Series is the way Smart TV , which will allow us to enjoy the famous operating system Android of Google on your television. Thus, we will be able to access the Google Play portal to download from games and information services or content on demand, to applications to consult our profile on Facebook or Twitter . For convenient control of the Android platform , the 6500 Series remote includes a Qwerty keyboard, something practically essential to carry out searches or enter data such as passwords or user names. As for other features, the new Series 6500 feature image processing Perfect Pixel HD of Philips , refresh rate of 800 Hz ( 500 Hz in the 32 inch model) and system Micro Dimming to increase image contrast. On the rear panel we will find four HDMI ports , three USB inputs , a Scart , digital audio output, analog audio input and headphone output .

For its part, the new Philips 6300 also have 40, 48 and 55-inch screens with Full HD resolution  , Perfect Pixel HD technology  , Ambilight system , Micro Dimming and a modern design finished in glossy black. The difference is that the 6300 Series does not include the Internet connection or the Android platform , so they are more aimed at customers looking for a television with good image quality but without major handling complications. Of course, thanks to the USB port You can play movies or music from an external hard drive or a pendrive, and we can even record our favorite shows to watch whenever we want.

Although their retail prices have not yet been released, we do already know that the new Philips Series 6300 and 6500 televisions will be available from the second quarter of 2015 .