14 alternatives to ArenaVision to watch football online in 2019

alternatives arenavision not working 2019

A little over two years ago today, ArenaVision was permanently blocked in Spain: since 2017 ArenaVision has not worked . Today we only find pages with a similar domain and content that has little or nothing to do with what the original website offered. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to ArenaVision to watch football online in 2019, and this time we have compiled up to twelve of these that are currently active.

Direct red

Despite having been censored on many occasions, Roja Directa is still active as one of the best pages to watch football matches , be they from La Liga or leagues belonging to other countries.

As far as content is concerned, the website has other sports in addition to football, ranging from tennis to basketball, through rugby and American football matches. The best thing about Roja Directa is, without a doubt, the amount of links it offers from a given meeting to alleviate possible streaming problems.

Unfortunately, the web is blocked in some telephone operators , so we are forced to resort to a VPN application.

Red card

The 10 best alternatives to Red Card online to watch football

The 10 best alternatives to Red Card online to watch football

Direct family of Roja Directa. Although the website is not signed by the same creators as the aforementioned online soccer platform, the interface is practically traced to it, as well as its content.

In addition to having links to the main soccer leagues, it has  rugby, basketball, American football and tennis matches, among others . As with Roja Directa, we will be forced to resort to a VPN in case the website is blocked in our region or telephone operator.

It also recommends navigate carefully when accessing the viewing of the matches live , as these may contain links to pages of advertising and popups  emerging.

See League

14 alternatives to ArenaVision to watch football online in 2019 1

One of the simplest pages to watch sports online. Unlike the rest of the pages, it does not offer direct broadcasting of football matches and other less popular sports, but rather has a list of sports channels with which we can watch any live content .

Channels such as Movistar Partizado, TNT Sports, FOX Sport, Bein Sports, EuroSport and a long etcetera. The account also has links to the main television channels in Spain, such as Antena 3, Telecinco, Cuatro, La Sexta, Nova, Neoz, FOX, FDF and, in general, any DTT channel.

The House of Tiki Taka

14 alternatives to ArenaVision to watch football online in 2019 2

Better known as Lacasadeltikitaka. It is the perfect alternative to ArenaVisio n, since the number of matches it offers is comparable to that of the defunct platform. In fact, its interface is traced to that of Direct Red and Red Card.

Like the aforementioned pages, it has the games of the main leagues. Argentine, Mexican, Peruvian, Colombian league and, of course, La Liga Santander .

Among all the sports that we can find on the web, we find tennis, cycling, rugby or swimming , among many others. Like the rest of the pages, it is recommended to be careful when navigating the web to avoid falling into false Download buttons.


14 alternatives to ArenaVision to watch football online in 2019 3

Page that imitates much of the essence of ArenaVision and Roja Directa and whose origin falls on the same creators of Lacasadeltikitaka .

Again we find an interface similar to that of Red Card and the rest of the pages to watch live football online. For practical purposes, in fact, it is the same website as La casa del Tiki Taka. Perhaps the most remarkable thing is that it barely has intrusive advertising , something that is appreciated if we access the portal from a mobile phone or tablet.

Another of the aspects to be highlighted about EliteGol is that it hardly suffers from access blockages , which makes it possible to visit from anywhere in the world.

Limbo TV channels

14 alternatives to ArenaVision to watch football online in 2019 4

After the disappearance of the famous Limbo TV page, numerous pages have tried to imitate the content and appearance of the latter. On this occasion, it is Canales Limbo TV (with tvonlinelimbosuite domain) which has managed to overshadow the aforementioned portal to watch live football online.

Like VerLiga, it does not have a list of matches, but rather a whole database of TV channels with which we can watch sports from any country. In addition to having the main national DTT channels (Antena 3, La 1, La 2, Nova, Boing…), it has a long list of sports channels.

Channels like Movistar Liga, El Partidazo de Movistar, TNT, ESPN Fox Sports and others like FOX or even HBO Live .


Don't let the name fool you. It is not a page exclusively focused on Argentine soccer: it is also possible to watch soccer matches in Spanish from practically any league .

Although part of its content focuses on the different leagues in South America, FutbolArg has links to matches in Europe, such as La Liga Santander and other leagues such as the French, English or German.

Of course, it has Champions League, Europa League, Águila League and Argentine Super League matches .


Page that is far from the usual aesthetics of this type of platform and has a sober and neat interface that hardly drinks from intrusive ads.

As far as content is concerned, the page does not distinguish between leagues, since we can find matches from practically anywhere in the world, including, of course, the Spanish league. Perhaps the strong point of MamaHD is that it does not marry any sport , as it has sections dedicated to the most important competitions.

Formula 1, NFL, basketball, wrestling, Moto GP, tennis, MLB, NHL and many others. It also integrates a chat with which we can interact with other users, although its main function is to share match links.

Live TV

14 alternatives to ArenaVision to watch football online in 2019 5

A curious website to watch football online that differs from the previous ones by offering its links through Twitter. Although it might seem the opposite, the operation of Live TV is very simple.

Once we access the page of a certain party, the portal will offer us a link that will take us to Twitter . Within the original publication we will obtain a link that will take us directly to the streaming of the game without going through annoying pages to intrusive ads.

This is precisely the reason why Live TV is still standing after so many years, something that other platforms cannot boast of.

Pirlo TV

Another alternative to ArenaVision that approaches the concept of pages such as RedDirect or RedCard. The main difference with respect to the latter two is that Pirlo TV focuses all its content on football , which allows it to have a greater number of links to matches from a multitude of leagues. Since the last weeks, however, links have been added from other sports, which does not interfere with the total number of football matches that the web currently offers.

As in the rest of the pages, it is recommended to navigate carefully when accessing certain encounters , as it is likely that annoying ads and pop-up windows will appear that hide the content of the screen.

Batman stream

Better known as plain Batmanstream, and forced to change domain on multiple occasions, it is possibly the best alternative to Arenavison, since it has practically all popular sports.

In addition to soccer, the website has competitions such as gymnastics, rugby, basketball, handball, table tennis, volleyball, E-Sports, golf, futsal, boxing, beach soccer, darts, races, badminton and wrestling, among a Endless options added.

Best of all, it has games and matches from any league, regardless of where it comes from. It also does not integrate annoying ads or false links , which makes Batmanstream the best alternative to watch any sport online.


14 alternatives to ArenaVision to watch football online in 2019 6

It is not a regular web page, but a whole content platform in the form of an application for mobile phones and computers where we can add different sources.

The key to Kodi lies precisely in adding sources from foreign television channels where the game is broadcasted. In the article that we just linked we can see how to add custom fonts through third-party pages . Once we have added the source in question, we will only have to click on the added channel and the broadcast will automatically be shown as if it were a television.

Since it is compatible with Android, Windows, Linux and macOS, we can enjoy the app on almost any device, except for iOS. To this is added its compatibility , through third-party extensions, with Google's Chromecast to broadcast the games directly on the TV.


One of the youngest pages in the ranking  of pages to watch live football. Like other pages with similar content, RapiFutbol does not offer links to football matches, but to television channels that broadcast the matches live .

In addition to having a section for the main DTT channels, the platform has a list of private channels, including  Azteca Trece, Univision Deportes, ESPN3, TyC Sports, FOX Sports, TNT and Cinecanal . Nothing that we cannot find on other somewhat longer-lived pages, although this limits the intrusive ads that we can find in the rest of the options.


We come to the last of the alternatives to ArenaVision with Wiseplay, an application that uses the same philosophy as Kodi by integrating an IPTV system with which we can add content from different sources.

The key to the application, as with Kodi, lies in adding sources , both national and international, from sports channels that broadcast the game in question live . Unfortunately, the application is only available on Android, which makes it impossible to install it on other platforms.