▷ Facebook and Instagram do not work, the service is down

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Second time in a row and fourth so far this year. Facebook and Instagram have once again suffered a decline that affects much of Europe and Latin America, including Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Brazil. At this very moment dozens, and even hundreds of users, are reporting that the application does not load, does not respond or does not reload the content. Publications, Instagram Stories, photographs, comments ... The fall has affected both services equally

Instagram and Facebook are down: the application does not work

Another global drop that has affected all services associated with Facebook, including Instagram. Although at the moment the reasons and causes of this fall are unknown, everything indicates that it is again a problem with the company's servers in Europe, the United States and part of Latin America .

facebook instagram does not work

Regarding the problems with the Instagram and Facebook applications, many users report that neither of the two applications is capable of displaying the content corresponding to the Facebook wall or the Instagram feed. Nor can we comment, like or speak with other users of the platform through private messages on Instagram.

When the Instagram feed is not updated and you run to twitter to see if it is crashing. #instagramdown pic.twitter.com/Fqkw1bOGMW

- Itzel Ramírez (@itzelrmz_) November 28, 2019

This problem is also transferred to Facebook and Instagram Stories and to the IGTV service integrated in the photography social network itself.

Facebook Messenger doesn't work either

In the last few minutes, several dozen users claim that Facebook Messenger doesn't work either. The service does not allow you to send or receive messages , either through text, stickers or through audio or image messages.

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The next target is WhatsApp, although for the moment the application works correctly, at least in Spain. If we remember, the application was quick to report problems after the fall of Facebook and Instagram at the beginning of the year. Therefore, it is not ruled out that the problems will be replicated.

At the moment, neither Facebook, nor Instagram, nor WhatsApp have commented on the matter . We will have to wait for the services to be replenished, which could take hours according to our estimates.