▷ What can I do if my Aliexpress order does not arrive [2020]


Not all that glitters on Aliexpress is gold. It is true that the average price of products in the Chinese giant is low. Extremely low, in fact. On the other hand, waiting times are long and may even take longer than expected due to the current health situation. The problem comes when an order from Aliexpress does not arrive after several months. Before giving a package for lost, we can use the platform options to claim if the order does not arrive or if it has been lost by the transport company.

First of all, find out where your package is

Before putting the cry in the sky we will have to know the geographical location of our order to see the point where it has been lost. To do this, we will have to go first to the My orders section of the application or the website.

aliexpress order does not arrive 2020 1

Within this section we will navigate to the order whose situation we want to know. To see the shipping information of the order in question we will have to click on the See details section that we can see next to the order number . Then, Aliexpress will show us a screen similar to the image below.

To know the status of the shipment we will have to scroll to the Tracking Information section. This section will show us all the shipping details in real time , from the departure of the airport in China to the arrival of the package at the local office in our town. If we see that the order has been held at a specific point (for example, at the beginning of customs clearance), it is most likely that it has been held by customs.

aliexpress order does not arrive 2020 0

If we copy the tracking number and access the transport agency's website, we will be able to know more accurately the status of the shipment.

At this point we can resort to two ways. The first is to contact the customs service of our country directly to find out the reason for the retention. The second, and the one that I recommend from experience, is to contact the transport service . After all, it may be the case that the package has been retained at any other point in the shipment. In fact, it is most likely given the current situation.

If the company does not respond, complain to Aliexpress

So is. If the transport company does not respond or does not know the location of the shipment, it is best to file a claim through Aliexpress. Usually Aliexpress will request the shipping information from the seller or the shipping company. If none of the parties answers or the information provided is not sufficient, Aliexpress will refund the full amount of the order without regard .

aliexpress order does not arrive 2020 2

To file a claim we will have to go back to the My orders section and navigate to the order in question. Finally, we will click on the Open dispute button that we can see in the image above.

Now we can choose two ways, or contact the seller directly to mediate an alternative solution (send the product again, make a discount on the next purchase ...) or go directly to Aliexpress. If we choose the first way, the normal thing is that the seller proposes to accept another product equal or similar to the original order . In case of opting for the second way, the platform will return the money to us if the information provided by the seller is not enough or simply the shipment has not reached its destination.