How to consult the 2018 tax data for the Income Declaration

How to consult the 2018 tax data for the Income Declaration

The next campaign for the 2018 Income Statement will begin on April 2. From then on, taxpayers will be able to present their return to the Tax Agency, to account for the 2018 fiscal year. Meanwhile, and if you want to prepare the campaign, you should know that you can consult the 2018 Income website 2018 fiscal data.

In this way, you will know what data the Tax Agency has about you and you will be able to check that everything is in order before the campaign starts. It's a great way to start organizing paperwork before you get caught up in the dates. If you want to check your 2018 tax data for the Income Declaration, follow these steps.

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First: get your reference number

We already warn you from now on: to be able to get the reference number you will need to have the 2017 Income Statement at hand , since you have to provide the information for a specific box.

1. Access the website of the Tax Agency to request the reference number. By obtaining this number, you will have access to the management of all Rental Services. From the beginning to the end of the campaign. In fact, this same code will help you to consult the status of your return, if it is necessary.

2. Click on the option Box 475 Income 2017 . Although if you prefer, you should know that you can also get this number through the Cl @ ve system or the electronic certificate.

3. Next, you will have to enter your DNI or NIE and, immediately afterwards, its validity date.

4. You will then need to indicate whether you made the income statement last year. It will be at this point, if the answer to the question is affirmative, when you have to insert the data from Box 475 of the 2017 Income Statement.

5. From there a dialog box will appear with the reference in question . Write it down somewhere so that you can access it with this reference number.

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How to check the 2018 income tax data

From now on you will be able to consult the 2018 income tax data . Do the following:

1. Access the page of the Tax Agency specially created for the 2018 Income campaign .

2. Click on the option See your tax information and select the option With reference number . Remember that you can also check them using the Cl @ ve PIN or with an electronic certificate.

3. Here you will have to enter your ID and the reference number. Then hit the Access button .

What you will see next is a page with all the tax data. Whether you are an employed or self-employed worker, you will obtain a list with all the payments that have been made to you during 2018 . You will also see information related to bank accounts, census data on your economic activities (if you have them), contributions to the Social Security scheme and also donations, fees and contributions to non-profit organizations, political groups, etc. . If you have a loan or mortgage, you will also see it reflected on this tax data page.

This is everything the Tax Agency knows about you. So if it is exactly the same as you know, you will be closer to presenting your 2018 income tax return without pressure or stress. Of course, before presenting it officially, you must not be in a hurry and make sure that everything that the Treasury knows is what it really is. Especially if by adding this information, your pocket will benefit.