How to play, the airplane alternative to

First it was and its curious glutton cell approach. Afterward, has conquered the whole world with snakes and their fun game techniques. Now seems the next bet to attract the attention of gamers passionate about online multiplayer titles. Of course, this time it is about airplanes and it is much more complex and agile than the other two games.

The title puts us at the controls of a war fighter in a setting, for now, quite limited in the middle of the ocean. There is no mission beyond surviving as long as possible and getting the best score that we are capable of . So far nothing complicated. For this, the mouse is used , directing the aircraft in the direction in which it is pointed and without the possibility of braking or accelerating the march. All this avoiding falling too much into the water , or moving away from the lateral margins of the mapping. And, whenever possible, collecting the coins distributed by the sky that will increase our score. Agree.

Things get complicated when we have to perform all this task in an airspace full of enemies . And is that everyone shoots, and the games barely exceed a few seconds . This is where you have to increase your ingenuity, reaction capacity and expertise to place yourself at the top of the ranking. A simple approach, really agile and that catches from the first minute of play . Despite dying constantly.

With the space bar or the left mouse button it is possible to shoot in the direction in which the mouse is pointed. Thus, it is possible to injure the enemies that swarm there and see how their life bars descend . They can even be knocked down to crash into the sea. Although, in these cases, the other pilots can continue firing while falling. Each enemy kill scores points, being able to perform double kills and chain quick kills, if you have enough skill.

The funny thing is that, from the sky and from the sea , bonuses and power-ups of all kinds arise . With them it is possible to modify the firing of our ship, arming ourselves with missiles, shotguns, bombs, lasers and other varieties . There are also improvements to recover or extend our life, to be able to automatically aim or accelerate the ship . Issues that make the gaming experience much more dynamic and entertaining.


Our recommendation is to avoid conflict as much as possible , and that is the best way to get coins and increase the score . But, if you have to fight, weapons like the fist (momentary acceleration), the shotgun and the bombs are a good option. It is also advisable to quickly return to the game and kill who killed us , who will be marked with a skull on the map. Or with the king of the ranking , who presents a crown . In this way you get extra score .

In short, a most attractive title that has all the keys to become a success. Of course, at the moment it is in the open beta phase , or what is the same, of tests. You just have to access their website , write a name, choose the color of the plane and start playing. By the way, writing the name of a country adds a flag to our ship .