We tested Amazon Music, the music service that includes Amazon Prime

We tested Amazon Music, the music service that includes Amazon Prime

Today we woke up with a new surprise relevant to the giant of online commerce, Amazon. The Amazon Prime paid version, which includes express shipments in 24 hours without shipping costs for 20 euros a year, now also includes a subscription to the music streaming service Amazon Music. It is the equivalent in music to Amazon Prime Reading, a service that has been with us very little and that gives Amazon Prime users access to a catalog of more than 500 electronic books included in the price.

If you have Amazon Prime, you already have 2 million songs on your mobile

We have tested the new Amazon Music service and we are going to tell you how it went with us. First of all, we are going to tell a little more about what this new service consists of, very similar to what we already have with Spotify or Apple Music. The first difference, however, is that 'only' we will have free access to 2 million songs. Amazon keeps its own Spotify on the Music Unlimited service, with access to more than 50 million songs. However, if we already pay for Amazon Prime, why not take advantage of that good handful of songs that we are going to have, anyway?

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In addition, the Amazon Music service includes offline mode, lists made by experts in the field, stations based on artists and specific genres ... Let's say that the Amazon Music service is exactly the same as that found in other music streaming platforms but with a much smaller catalog . Once the presentations are made, what do you have to do to start listening to music with Amazon Music?

How to use Amazon Music for the first time

The first thing we are going to do is download the Amazon Music application from the Android Play Store. The installation file is 24 MB and is free to download and without ads. Once we open it, we have to enter our Amazon Prime credentials and that's it, we will have our account active. Before, of course, Amazon will ask you to try the Music Unlimited service for free for a month. It is a way to get hooked on their payment program, 10 euros per month. If you decide to try it, do not forget to cancel the subscription before they charge you the first monthly payment.

We tested Amazon Music, the music service that includes Amazon Prime 1

Prime Music's interface is very similar to other similar apps. To find your favorite artist, you just have to click on the magnifying glass and write his name. If the song is not available, a small 'Music Unlimited' logo will appear and you will not be able to play it. Once you have the song or album, we will see a series of icons that will allow us to download the album, play the album in random order or add the song to a personalized list.

In the application menu we can configure different aspects such as playback quality, streaming preferences (if you only want to listen to music connected to WiFi) or if you want to download WiFi music. It also includes a practical timer that turns off the music automatically, in case you want to listen to it at bedtime. To access the menu you just have to click on the gear icon that you can see in the upper left part of the screen.

In short, perhaps Amazon Music is not the most complete streaming platform, but if we already have it, why not take advantage of it? That yes, perhaps this is nothing more than a warning for Amazon Prime users. 20 euros for movies, series, music, 24-hour delivery, photo storage? Is a price hike looming imminent?