We already know the price in Spain of 2020 LG OLED televisions

We already know the price in Spain of 2020 LG OLED televisions

The new generations of televisions are beginning to reach the market. The big manufacturers have already presented their proposals, but every week that passes we have more details and we know more information. Now we already know the price that the new 2020 LG OLED televisions will have in Spain at the time of their launch. So if you were waiting to know whether to buy a 2019 model or one of the new ones, this interests you.

The new 2020 range arrives with quite interesting news. For example, the first 48-inch OLED TV will hit the market . On the other hand, the E model disappears from the catalog to make way for the new GX series. The C series is maintained, which this year is called CX, and also the W range, with the WX name. In addition, the manufacturer offers the LG OLED RX, the roller model that very few can afford. We will know the official prices.

Price of the new LG OLED TVs of 2020

One more year, the entry model to LG's OLED range will be the B series . Like other years, the LG OLED BX will be one notch below its OLED brothers, with an Alpha 7 processor and the absence of any of its star features. At the moment LG has not communicated the price of this range, but you should know that it is always the cheapest.

price of 2020 LG OLED televisions in Spain CX

But the series that has aroused the most interest among users year after year has always been the C. This model offers the premium features of LG OLED televisions but at a more affordable price . In fact, it tends to have the same image quality as the higher series, the only difference between them being the design and the sound section.

The new LG OLED CX series will be available in 48, 55, 65 and 77 inches. It will have the 3rd generation Alpha 9 processor, the new Dolby Vision IQ system , the Filmmaker Mode and, of course, the latest version of the webOS system. These are the announced prices for the new CX series:

  • LG OLED CX 48 inches: 1,800 euros
  • LG OLED CX 55 inches: 2,300 euros
  • LG OLED CX 65 inches: 3,100 euros
  • LG OLED CX 77 inches: 7,000 euros

Just above we will have the new GX series. As we anticipated before, the E series disappears to make way for this new range. The big difference between these two models can be found in the design, the G range being even more minimalist, designed to be hung on the wall . In fact, the G is for Gallery.

price of LG OLED TVs 2020 in Spain GX

The new LG OLED GX will be available in 55, 65 and 77 inches . As we said, on a technical level it will have exactly the same characteristics as the CX series. These are the prices of the new LG GX series:

  • LG OLED GX 55 inches: 2,500 euros
  • LG OLED GX 65 inches: 4,000 euros
  • LG OLED GX 77 inches: 8,000 euros

Within the 4K range, we will also have the one known as TV Wallpaper . We are talking about the WX series, which includes a hanging system that almost literally "sticks" the TV to the wall and a Dolby Atmos sound bar that hides all the electronics.

At the moment the LG OLED WX seems that it will only be available in 65 inches , being a somewhat more exclusive model. Its launch price will be 5,000 euros .

price of LG OLED TVs 2020 in Spain RX

Finally we have the rollable TV, which is also within the manufacturer's range of models with 4K resolution. This year's model is called LG OLED RX and will be available only in 65 inches . Its official launch price is 60,000 euros . Yes, you have read that correctly and we have not missed a zero. It is the price you have to pay for having the latest technology on the market.

At the moment these are the prices that LG has provided. We would need to know the prices of the BX series and also of the models with 8K resolution. We will keep you informed.