Samsung Gear VR 2017, with remote control and renewed design

Samsung Gear VR 2017, with remote control and renewed design

Samsung has not starred in today's session, since the presentation of its Galaxy S8 has been reserved for another event away from the Mobile World Congress , but it has also presented some interesting devices for this year 2017. One of them is the new edition of its Samsung Gear VR, the virtual reality glasses created in collaboration with Oculus and that pioneered virtual reality for mobile phones when offered together with the Galaxy S6. Now, separately, they are offered as an improved tool to access content in virtual reality and 360º, as well as interactive content that simulates a movie theater.

The remote control

One of the main characteristics that attract the attention of this new Samsung Gear is that it comes with a remote control , reminding us a lot of the Daydream View, which also included it. Obviously it is an improvement, because it allows you to navigate through the content in virtual reality, easily interact with games and also perform actions such as pausing a movie, returning to the menu or changing the scene.

The controller has a volume button on the handle, another home button, one to go back, and finally a touchpad to use as a mouse.  It is undoubtedly a very good idea that will greatly facilitate navigation within programs, apps and games. If we do not want or do not need to use the remote control at some point, we have a specific space to store it without having to leave it there, exposing ourselves to losing it, nor to carry it in the hand without needing it, with the inconvenience that this entails. Finally, this remote control does not recharge, but works with a single battery.

samsung gear vr 2017

Other features

Samsung's new Gear VR have 42-millimeter lenses with a 101-degree angle of view . In addition, the technology has been improved to correct the movement effect within the programs, which could lead to dizziness in some users. The design is similar to the previous version, but with the lines a little more rounded, betting on completely black and with the same weight (345 grams) as the original Samsung Gear VR. Includes microUSB and USB Type-C ports.

The device includes an accelerometer, proximity sensor and gyroscope, all essential elements to be able to control well the activity in virtual reality. It is compatible with the following devices: Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge + . Despite not being mentioned, we imagine that they will obviously be compatible with the upcoming and long-awaited Galaxy S8.

Extended offer of titles

The Samsung Gear VR 2017 glasses work with their own app and movie store, the Oculus Store. The competition to Daydream has just renewed its selection of titles, including up to 70 new titles to the more than 550 that already exist , all compatible to offer the most interactive experience possible. Oculus is in the process of attracting as many developers as it can to its store, as Google is a strong adversary that has Google Play to work on. For all this, it is clear that the war has only just begun, and the content is the element that will put the balance on the side of one of the two companies.

oculus store

Availability and price

Samsung has not yet specified release dates or prices for this gadget . It is interesting to know if it will keep the starting price that the old Gear VR originally had, around 100 euros, or if it will adjust the price a little more. Taking into account that Google's Daydream Views are around 80 euros, it is very likely that there will be a price revision. We will inform you as soon as we have any confirmation.