This is how Pokémon GO Plus works

In this video we show you the unboxing of Pokémon GO Plus . The box informs us that the bracelet is available for both Android and iOS , although not iOS 10 . And that uses a Bluetooth connection. Inside we find the nylon bracelet , the device itself and its instructions. Many instructions ”¦ By the way, the packaging is not very fair in terms of value for money. And that's it. This is what's in the box.

Let's get it going!

The first thing is to make sure that we have the mobile's Bluetooth connection working.

Then we pull the piece of paper from the Pokémon GO Plus so that the battery supplies power to the device. By clicking on the button we make sure that everything is fine.

The next thing is to access Pokémon GO and enter Settings . Here is a section for the Go plus bracelet.

We press the button on the bracelet to activate it, and we see on the mobile that it has been detected. One touch on the device available in the terminal and that's it, bracelet and game are linked. The bracelet vibrates to confirm.

There is another important requirement. It is to keep the game active in the background so that it does not cut the connection with the bracelet . Access Settings , enter Applications and look at the Pokémon GO options .

With all this you can now go out to capture with your Pokémon GO Plus .

As we walk down the street (or wherever), the bracelet will vibrate to alert the Pokémon trainer , and it will shine with three colors to indicate different events. When it is in blue it means that we are facing a poképarada . If it is green , it means that there is a Pokémon that we already have registered that we can capture. If it lights up yellow , it means that the nearby Pokémon is new to our Pokédex .

A press on the button allows to collect the objects of the poképarada . Or, if it is a Pokémon , throw a normal pokéball. Of course, we do not have any control over the pokéball, so the Pokémon can end up running away and make us lose the object. If the bracelet vibrates and shines with different tones after throwing one of these balls, we will know that the Pokémon has been captured.

The notifications that collect the history of events that happened during the ride with Pokémon GO Plus are also useful .

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