15 tricks to use Windows 10 faster

15 tricks to use Windows 10 faster

The arrival of Windows 10, supposed a great amount of improvements to our computers, since it was a totally renewed system and loaded with surprises. So many that it would be impossible to find them all, but, for now, many secrets are known that we are going to share with all of you so that you can get the most out of your computers.

In this article we are going to show you up to 15 useful tricks so that you can handle Windows 10 more quickly .

Record the desktop comfortably

No external application will be necessary, but in Windows 10 we will find a native tool called 'Game Bar' with which we can take screenshots and video our games .

You just have to press the Windows + G command on our keyboard , and we will have everything ready to start recording. Well, you can also activate the microphone to record your voice if we previously activated the 'Record with microphone' box.

direct access

Remove shortcut in File Explorer

This kind of directory of shortcuts does not have to be liked by everyone, despite being designed to always have the folders we use most frequently at hand.

If we access the ´Options´ menu by right-clicking on the quick access drop-down, we can choose whether or not we want the most used folders to be seen, among many other options.

start automatically

Disable programs that start automatically

This option is highly recommended since we can prevent the computer from starting excessively slowly . To do this we right-click on the Windows 'Start' menu and select 'Task Manager'.

they start automatically.

Next, we click on the tab that says ´Start´ and again with the right button we will disable those programs that we do not want to be loaded with Windows .

Schedule restarts whenever you want

This is especially useful if we need the computer to restart at night when it is not being used and have everything ready the next day. You just have to enter the configuration panel, access the option 'Update and Security' and click on the advanced options. Finally, we will choose "Notify to schedule restarts" and we will have it ready.

Shake lashes

A rather funny trick (and one that many have gone completely unnoticed) consists of clicking on the title bar of the window that we want to keep visible, and without letting go,  shake it back and forth .

Seriously, do the test and you will see how all the windows open  on the desktop are  minimized except the one we want to keep open.


Mute notifications

Some people do not support that the computer is all the time emitting sounds of some notification while you are working with the computer. If we want to silence all or some of the Windows notifications , we must go to 'Settings>' System '>' Notifications and actions'.

Finally, we will only have to click on the button on the right in those programs that we do not want to be able to issue notifications.

Connect your phone

In case you didn't know, you can have instant access to your mobile phone, directly from the PC thanks to the Your Phone application. In this way, you will have the option to share text messages, files, images and other data without much effort.

First you will have to configure it so that the function is automatic. An especially useful function if you work with a laptop and mobile .


Disregards the Windows password

If you are the only user of a computer, you can dispense with the use of the password each time you log in to it.

Press the command 'Windows + R', and type 'netplwiz' in the box that appears to access the 'User Accounts' window. Just uncheck the box  'Users must enter their name and password to use the computer'  and accept the changes. Lastly, enter your password twice, and then click 'OK'.

Learn the keyboard shortcuts

Windows 10 allows us not only to continue using some of the classic shortcuts of a lifetime, but it has also implemented new ones that will help us to work with the computer more quickly.

You can find a complete list with  the best touchpad gestures and keyboard shortcuts , by clicking on this special one.


Use the voice assistant

Without a doubt, one of the functions that stands out the most in Windows 10 is the inclusion of Cortana , Microsoft's personalized voice assistant that will provide us with answers and help us perform basic tasks.

To activate this function, we go to the 'Cortana' section within the 'Settings' menu of Windows 10, and click on the option ' Allow Cortana to respond when you say' Hello Cortana ' '.


Turn off the background color auto

When a new window is opened in Windows 10, the graphical interface automatically adjusts the color from the wallpaper in the background. The bad thing is that this process increases the consumption of the CPU .

To avoid this, we can go to Start> Settings> Personalization. Click on 'Colors' and deactivate the option ' Automatically choose an accent color from my background '.

Eliminate what takes up space on your hard drive unnecessarily

With Windows 10 we can find out what takes up the most space on our hard drive, with direct access to uninstall whatever we want .

To do this, go to the Settings menu> System> Storage. Wait for the application to load and you will see, by sections, everything that is filling your hard drive. If you click on each section you can easily delete or uninstall programs .

Create shortcuts

You can speed up certain processes on your computer such as hibernate, restart, shutdown, creating shortcuts on your desktop.

Right click on the desktop background and select 'New'. Choose the option that says 'Shortcut' and a new window will open for you. Enter any of the following options for the commands :

  • Shutdown:% windir% \ System32 \ shutdown.exe -s -t 0
  • Restart:% windir% \ System32 \ shutdown.exe -r -t 0
  • Logout:% windir% \ System32 \ shutdown.exe / l
  • Block:% windir% \ System32 \ rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation
  • Hibernate:% windir% \ System32 \ rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll, SetSuspendState Hibernate
  • Suspend:% windir% \ System32 \ rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll, SetSuspendState Sleep


Move windows between virtual desktops

The most logical method for moving windows in  multiple desktop environments is to drag windows through the virtual desktop menu or panel. We press 'Windows + Tab' and open that panel. Finally, we only have to select the window that we want to move and drag it to the desktop that we want.

Don't restart your PC after an update

It's not cool that we restart our PC without prior notice. To avoid this, we go to Settings> Update and Security> Advanced options. Finally, we activate the option 'Update notifications' .