RCPS3, what is it, requirements and how to use it on your PC

RCPS3, what it is, requirements and how to use it on your PC

Emulators are small programs that allow us to run software on a platform other than the native one. Its use mainly extends to video games, offering the possibility of reliving glories of the past, but also allowing PC users to play their own console titles. This time we see what RCPS3 is and how it works .

RCPS3 is the best Playstation 3 emulator for PC

We start by defining RCPS3 in the words of its own developers. RPCS3 is an experimental Sony PlayStation 3 emulator and debugger , open source and written in C ++ for Windows and Linux. RPCS3 began development in May 2011 by its founders, DH and Hykem.

In other words, it is an emulator for the PS3 console that allows us to play its games on PC. It is an open source project, so the community has access to its source code in order to continue improving the emulator's features , in addition to correcting its errors. Its developers offer us a list of compatible games.

RCPS3 requirements

RCPS3 is still at a very early stage of development , which makes the actual requirements for using the emulator reliably highly variable depending on the game you are trying to run. There is a list of official recommended requirements that we leave you below.

  • Intel Core Haswell or later quad-core processor or a six-core AMD Ryzen
  • Vulkan compatible AMD or NVIDIA graphics card
  • 8GB RAM memory or higher
  • Windows 7/8/10 64-bit or Linux 64-bit

These requirements are only an orientation, since in many cases they are insufficient to run the games smoothly. The reason it is so demanding is that the PS3 is a console with a very advanced and complex architecture . Its Cell processor was considered a prodigy in 2006, and even today it is very difficult to emulate on PC.

How to use RCPS3 on your computer

The first thing we need to do to use the RCPS3 emulator is to download it from its official website. Once inside, we enter the downloads tab and select the appropriate package for our PC , whether it works with Windows or Linux.

how to use RCPS3 on your computer

After a few seconds the download will be completed. The next step is to install the emulator, for this we only have to extract its files with a 7zip file decompressor.

Once extracted, we click on the executable that we find inside.

how to use RCPS3 2

The application will open along with a welcome pop-up window. We mark the two options at the bottom and click on "Continue"

how to use RCPS3 3

The next step is to put the emulator system in Spanish so that the games are loaded in the Cervantes language , if you don't mind having them in English you can skip this step. For this we enter "Configuration" in the upper part of the emulator window, and then we go to the "System" section

how to use RCPS3 4

In the option " Console Language " we put Spanish and click on " Save ". The language of the emulator will not change, only that of the games we run.

how to use RCPS3 5

The next step is to configure the video renderer to work with the Vulkan API , much more efficient than OpenGL, which is the default one. This option can be found in the "GPU" tab. This will make the games run a bit faster.

how to use RCPS3 6

With this we already have the emulator configured. To run a game that we have saved on our PC, we just have to click on "Open" and select the game that interests us. After that it will start loading the game, the first time it will be a little slower as it will have to cache the textures and shaders.

how to use RCPS3 7

It's that simple to use RCPS3 on your PC, remember that the performance you get will depend on each game and the characteristics of your PC.