This is how the synchronization between Google Drive and Google Photos will change

This is how the synchronization between Google Drive and Google Photos will change

A couple of weeks ago we told you that Google Drive and Google Photos could break relationships as of this July. So far, both services have worked together . That is, the photos that you uploaded to Google Photos were also stored in Google Drive and vice versa.

Until now there has been (and will continue to be there until the opposite happens and relations are definitively broken) a folder within Google Drive that belongs to Google Photos . In this way, the photographs that are in one place are also in the other. Both services work clearly in sync with each other.

But what exactly will happen when Google makes the final decision to break the synchronization between the two services? Everything will happen in July, but the truth is that there is little information, or unclear information, about it.

What happens right now is that the folder called Google Photos that you have in Drive has the same name as the service. Synchronization works in principle, but if there is confusion at some point, the synchronization process may end with the unexpected deletion of some files.

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Google Drive and Google Photos: towards simplification

Actually, what Google wants is to simplify things a bit. At least try it. How? Well, as of July 10 (yes, it will be just that day, so you will have to prepare for it), the Google Photos folder in Drive will no longer be automatically synchronized with the Google Photos service . The Google Photos folder will work independently.

And in reality, it seems that the change has little to do with Google's own initiative, but quite the opposite. It has been the users, according to Google, who have proposed a change in this regard. They claimed that the fact that the folder to which photos were synced on Google Drive was named after the service, Google Photos, was misleading.

Google account that some users accidentally delete images and videos that they had saved in Drive. They did not know that by deleting them from there, they were also deleted from Google Photos . And vice versa: doing it the other way around, the result was the same. And so many valuable files got lost and it may continue to happen, as long as the synchronization does not stop.

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Users will be able to upload photos manually in Google Photos

To end this confusion and give users an alternative, Google has introduced a new feature, available from the Google Photos desktop app (and only from there). What exactly does it consist of? Well, it's about Upload from Drive.

With this tool, users can choose if they want to upload files from Google Drive to Google Photos. They can be chosen manually, so that once they are uploaded, they can be managed independently. That is, if at any time you delete them, they would always be saved in one service or another and they would not be lost . The connection would be cut and in this way also the problems would be avoided.

It should be noted, of course, that the photos and videos will be uploaded with the original quality. This means that MB will be subtracted from the storage quota (original or contracted) in the Google account. If a photo weighs 30 MB, it will have to be multiplied by two , because the image will be saved in both Google Drive and Google Photos. And 30 plus 30 is 60 MB.

Experts have discovered, yes, that there is a way to avoid this double expense. And it is using the Backup and Synchronization tool for Windows or macOS , which works from the desktop, and which allows you to make backup copies of files in their original quality. In this case, the MB consumption will only be applied once.