Sports City, a Facebook game where you can manage an entire sports city


Sports and video games are a mix that seems to work very well . And that is why today we are going to talk about the new Sports City, a new Facebook game in which we will have to manage an entire city . But not just any one, but the headquarters of all the sports that we imagine . And our objective will be none other than to build our sports empire little by little . But for this, we will have to start from the bottom, and increase our city.

In this way, we will start by having a small stadium, football for example . And we will have to train our team to win games and give us money . And with this money we will be able to improve the stadium , so that more fans can fit in, sign players, or buy a stadium for another sport, forming a new team . And as we gain victories, we will also gain fame for our city . And this will attract new fans, and will make it easier to sign players.

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