A website allows you to buy semen at home online

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Health authorities have warned of the dangers of this system on multiple occasions , because the truth is that home insemination is becoming popular. Yes, there are semen banks that send you a frozen sample at home and that you can then use to inseminate yourself at home . And although it comes with instructions so that women who want to become pregnant can carry out a successful insemination, the guarantees that this will happen are frankly low, especially when compared with the probabilities that exist of obtaining it in an assisted reproduction clinic. In any case, today we are left with our mouths open when we verify that there is a Danish website where you can buy semen online and receive it at home. Quick and easy, but… risk-free?

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The Cryos International page  is available in different languages, among which is Spanish, so if you want to buy semen you can also do it from here. The most surprising thing about this system is that it allows you to access a sperm donor database without registering, with the possibility of consulting their files, knowing their names and even viewing their photos. As you read it. You can choose what race you want the donor to be (African, Asian, Caucasian, Middle Eastern or Hispanic), select eye and hair color, blood group, height, weight or sperm motility, a factor indicating the degree of sperm concentrationin the sample. After indicating the different parameters selected, a list of donors that match your requirements will appear before you and you will be able to access their files . From here you can learn more or less the life of the future father of your child, although you must bear in mind that all these donors, according to Danish law, renounce to exercise any right over the child that will be born .

The most amazing thing of all is that by accessing the file of each of the donors, you will have access to different personal and intimate information, including an exhaustive analysis on venereal and genetic diseases, as well as voice recordings (for you can hear how it sounds) and download a PDF file with photographs of the donor as a child. You will also be able to know if they have produced pregnancies with their donations , what psychological profile they have and the level of studies achieved. If a donor convinces you and you want to know their profile in depth, you can also access a whole series of documents and interviews in which they talk about the origins of the family, the boy's childhood and many other details related to his life.

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When the future mother has made up her mind, all she will have to do is order the sperm : like this, as if she were buying shoes. It is enough to indicate which unit you want (each donor can have several samples) and  choose the motility (number of live sperm per milliliter after thawing). Prices can vary a lot, but normally the samples with the highest motility are the most expensive , and can exceed 1,000 euros for each straw (which is the receptacle in which the 50 milliliters of semen are frozen.which are necessary for home insemination). What these women receive at home are cryogenic jars. All they have to do is follow the instructions provided by this company and voila.

Spanish gynecologists have been quick to denounce these practices and warn women that they can be dangerous . Semen home delivery and home insemination do not offer all the guarantees that a process like this should provide. The president of the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF), Agustín Ballesteros, has repeatedly warned that these practices are a real risk, especially considering that there are no guarantees on the quality or origin of the sperm . He says that there is no type of medical control and that on certain occasions, pregnancies are simply contraindicated.