Steps to follow if a Facebook or Twitter account is blocked

Steps to follow if a Facebook or Twitter account is blocked

You will not be the first. Nor is the last one. If a Facebook or Twitter account is blocked, something strange has happened . Or that something strange has been detected, without a doubt. However, it would not be news if the teams behind these social networks were wrong.

Whatever it is, if your Facebook or Twitter account is blocked , you can do several things . To begin, it will be necessary for you to get in touch with the social network to clarify what happened. Then you can take certain steps and try to cancel the block as soon as possible.

We cannot guarantee that this is possible. In fact, it will first be necessary to see what has happened and the consequences it may have . However, here we tell you what are the steps to follow if a Facebook or Twitter account is blocked.

Steps to follow if your Facebook account is blocked

If your Facebook account has been blocked, you will know it because you will not be able to access it. Not even by entering your access data (username and password) . But why? The truth is that the reasons why your Facebook account can be blocked are many and varied.

In any case, what Facebook tells us is that any account that violates the Facebook Conditions will be blocked. However, the most common reasons are usually the following: publishing content that does not comply with the Facebook regulations, using a false name, impersonating another person , repeating illegal behavior or contacting another person for dubious purposes. Such as harassing, advertising, asking for dates or others.

If you have done any of the above, you probably already have the reason why Facebook has blocked your account . But what do I have to do now?

Obviously, if you've done any of that, Facebook won't unblock your account that easily . Now, it would not be the first time that the team that regulates this type of issue is wrong. If you consider that a mistake has also been made in your case, you can file a claim.

account disabled

How to file a claim on Facebook

If you are clear that what has been committed with your account is an injustice, we recommend you file the claim. Access the link that we have provided above and enter the following information. First, an email address. You can also enter a mobile phone number. If you have indicated it in your Facebook account, it will be easy to identify you.

The next thing will be to enter your name and surname. Do not forget to do it as they appear in the account. If you have entered strange characters, a false name or any other word, you will also have to indicate it . It may, as we have told you, that this is one of the reasons why your account has been blocked.

But we are not done. It will be essential that you identify yourself. And for this you will have to upload an image of your identity document . Remember to do it on both sides, including as much information as possible, whether it is your ID, NIE or passport. It is preferable that the file you are going to upload is in JPEG format.

Next, you also have the option to make indications in the lower box. Here you can indicate what happened and why you think Facebook was wrong (if applicable). It is an open space for evaluations. When you're done, click the Submit button.

Keep in mind that the response will not be instantaneous. It may take Facebook a few days to contact you. In addition, it is most likely that in the answer you will be told the reason why your account has been blocked and little else. In the event that it was an error, Facebook will surely tell you if you can do something to solve the problem and reverse the block.

In any case, you must have an account a couple of things:

  • If the violation is serious, according to Facebook, it is most likely that the account that has already been disabled cannot be recovered.
  • Depending on the case, you will most likely not receive any prior warning as to why your account has been blocked.

Steps to follow if your Twitter account is blocked

Steps to follow if your Twitter account is blocked

Another of the social networks from which you can be blocked is Twitter. This usually happens for three reasons. The first has to do with a security issue. If suspicious movements are detected (suspected theft or even impersonation), Twitter may block your account as a preventive measure.

Another reason may be a flagrant violation of the Twitter rules. This includes abuse, harmful behavior against other users, harassment and of course, the publication of unpleasant or insulting content.

If your account has been blocked for security reasons. All you have to do is unlock it yourself. And for this, you will have to change the access password. Access this link and enter your email address. You will receive a message to your account and you will have to follow the steps to indicate a new password. Nothing else.


If they suspect that you are not the account holder . This occurs when suspicious behavior is detected. In this case, to unblock the account you will have to do the following: Log in and look for the message that tells you Your account has been blocked.

Press Start and enter your mobile number. You will then receive a text message and a call with a code . This will help you identify yourself. When you receive it (keep in mind that it may take a few minutes) you must enter it in the box indicated and then click on Send.

account suspension

If Twitter observes or considers that you have violated the rules, it may suspend some functions of your account. Solving this block will not be easy, especially if your attitude has been reprehensible. However, if you consider that everything was a mistake, you can appeal the suspension.

All you have to do is access this form. Indicate where you had the problem, describe what happened and finally, enter your personal data. You will need to include your full name, Twitter username, email address, and phone number (which is optional).

Twitter blocking

Although your account may not be reactivated (especially if you have done / said something serious), you will receive a response from Twitter. And this way you can clear things up and see if you can finally undo the blockage.