Lego Torch, a dynamo lantern shaped like a giant LEGO doll

Lego Torch

Among the wonders from the LEGO world we have never had a chance to marvel at its own mythology, if there is one. In this case, in which there really was a Lego mythology, surely the 19-centimeter giant would star in some passage . Be that as it may, we now have it with us, and it looks excellent , especially when checking its use: a dynamo rechargeable flashlight .

Now that the crisis is suffocating and forces us to change the hotel for a camping site , the giant Lego-shaped lantern, Lego Torch , would surely get us out of some nighttime jam when we have to make the route to the service. The source of light emission of this device is in the right foot of the doll, which with a smiling mood will ask us to twist the opposite arm to give it the necessary friction that it will need to light our way.

There are those who have been a bit pissed off by breaking the dynamics of the cute and tiny Lego figures after presenting an individual in NBA version . That is why those responsible for the company wanted to please its audience throwing it also pursues a keychain with classic dimensions version which also serves as mini flashlight . However, in this case there will be no possibility of energy self-sufficiency , and it will be necessary to incorporate a battery for its operation.

The two versions of this original proposal will be on sale from September 18 , although at different prices depending on the copy that we want to add to our collection. The 19-centimeter Lego Torch will cost 18.50 euros , while its pocket and key version will be priced at 7.50 euros .

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