Samsung MV900F, new camera with folding screen for sale in Spain

samsung mv900f 2

It was presented a few weeks ago and now is available in our country . Yes, the Korean firm Samsung has just announced that the new Samsung MV900F compact camera is already on sale in Spain and in fact, from now on you have the opportunity to buy it in consumer electronics stores or authorized distributors for a price of 350 euros An amount that does not seem disproportionate at all, but quite the opposite, taking into account the technical data that this camera boasts .

To tell the truth, we are not facing a compact camera to use. And it is that in addition to helping us capture photographs, the Samsung MV9200F stands out for being one of the first Samsung cameras with a folding screen that reaches the market after another very successful model, the Samsung MV800, was released . In this case (the MV9200F ) we have a camera equipped with a CMOS sensor backlit with 16.3 megapixels gives us the ability to capture high - quality photosBut also video recording - is one of its star features - in a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and 30 fps ( frames per second ). The screen, located in the back, is 3.3 inches and can be tilted up to 180 degrees . But one of the most interesting advantages of this camera is directly related to connectivity . This detail, by the way, is what makes it a special piece.

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We say this because thanks to the wireless connectivity through Wifi , users will have the opportunity to quickly transfer the photographs they have just taken to their computer, a tablet or even a smartphone , being able to share their snapshots to the minute with their family or friends. To this end, Samsung has installed software in this camera that allows users to share photos through their favorite social networks or through the main multimedia content platforms, in photo format, but also in video. We refer, basically, to Facebook, Picasa, YouTube or Photobucket, spaces where they will have the opportunity to host their photos and videos completely free of charge. The best of all, on the other hand, comes for users who prefer to share their recordings or photos through the home TV . The Smart Link button will help us to transfer content without having to connect any cables as we did in the past or with other devices.

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Finally, it should be noted that it has a five-magnification zoom lens , with an aperture of F 2.5 , equivalent to 25-125 mm in 35 mm . Combined with this feature, users of this MV900F will be able to make use of some functions to capture images in very low light situations, at night or indoors. One of the most interesting is the home light mode, useful for capturing up to three images in a row that are combined into a single snapshot. Users who wish to do so can make some adjustments (simple, of course) from the camera itself. There are different filters and modifiers that will even allow us to beautifyfaces with different types of makeup .

If you are interested in getting it, you should know that the Samsung MV900F has been in the Spanish market since this month of August, since this has just been announced by Samsung , as promised a few weeks ago. You have it available in white, black, pink and red . Its starting price is 350 euros .