The 10 Instagram accounts with the most followers

The 10 Instagram accounts with the most followers

There is no famous person who does not have one. We are talking about Instagram accounts , that social network based on images, videos and filters.

But what makes a user have more or fewer followers? Paula Echevarría is one of the celebrities with the most followers in the national territory. This makes brands fight to appear in one of their snapshots . And that just those images are worth thousands and thousands of euros.

It is the same in the rest of the world. If you want to find out which are the most sought-after Instagram accounts, here you have them. They are the 10 Instagram accounts with the most followers in the world .


1. Instagram

If Instagram were not on this list, it would be a sign that things are not being done quite right. But the opposite is true. The official Instagram account is the one with the most followers . Specifically, 224 million.

They usually publish suggestive images, with stories rescued from around the world.  They use this account to publicize important Instagram news, yes . But also to share beautiful images, inspired by people from anywhere on the planet.

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2. Selena Gomez

It is normal for Instagram to be the account with the most followers on the social network. But who is the first star on board? Well, neither more nor less than Selena Gomez . She was born on July 22, 1992 in Grand Praire (Texas) and rose to fame for appearing in Hannah Montana, a hit Disney Channel television series.

However, years ago he had already participated in other television series and movies. Now she has become one of the most admired soloists on the planet, especially by teenage audiences. On Instagram, he has 122 million followers who like and comment on countless photos and videos of the star wearing palm hearts.

1 ♡

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3. Ariana Grande

And here another super celebrity admired by the youth. She is Ariana Grande and in recent weeks she has been current (more, if possible), due to the fateful terrorist attack that took place at the exit of her concert in Manchester. Just a few days ago, she gave another performance in the same city to raise funds that will go directly to the victims of the attacks.

On Instagram he has 109 million followers and his publications get millions of likes and comments every day. Since its inception she has worked on children's series, hence her great success, but currently she travels around the world as a soloist and queen of her own show.

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4. Beyoncé

She is another of the great queens of Instagram. Although Beyoncé is also so in many other facets of her professional life. He has 103 million followers on this social network , which are not as many as he can have in real life. However, she takes advantage of this network to post photos of her concerts, attendance at galas and other events.

Lately he has also posed, and a lot, to show off his belly. And is that Beyoncé is pregnant with twins . In fact, her photo announcing the arrival of these two new offspring broke all records on Instagram.

My man ❤️️

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5. Cristiano Ronaldo

What can we say about Cristiano Ronaldo that you don't know? Well, he probably has 103 million followers, a figure that is not easy to reach, but that the Portuguese has been able to take advantage of.

He posts pictures almost every day, even two or three times, to talk about his sporting achievements and activities with his soccer team , Real Madrid. Occasionally, he also posts photos with his son and his girlfriend, going to the gym or on the couch at home.


6. Taylor Swift

He has 102 million followers. It's Taylor Swift, a country pop singer who uses her Instagram to show herself to the world . In addition to being a singer, she is a songwriter and her career, from the beginning, focused on country music. As an artist, she has received several awards, including the Grammys and thanks to “Our soung”, she became the youngest person to write a song without the help of anyone.

In his entire career he has been able to sell more than 40 million albums and has achieved more than 130 million digital downloads of his songs. This makes it a mine for the recording industry. On Instagram he usually posts photos and videos about his concerts , but also includes pictures with friends and other personal matters.

Just because

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7. Kim Kardashian

It does not have as many acolytes as the previous ones, but Kim Kardashian does not fall short either. On Instagram he amasses a fortune of 100 million followers , whose passion for the Kardashian universe seems to never end.

It teaches a lot of things, but what Kim likes the most is showing herself in a bikini or scantily clad. However, it is also not unusual to find her covered by a heavy fur coat. Show off friends, parties, makeup, jewelry, and other superficial life affairs. Nothing new under the sun.


8. Kylie Jenner

We are ending this ranking with position number eight, which would be for Kylie Jenner. He has nearly 95 million followers on Instagram . Where does fame come from? Well, being a model but, above all, being a half-sister of Kim Kardashian.

She appeared on the reality show The Kardashians, so her career was written. Today she is dedicated to being a model , so you can imagine her Instagram. Clothes and more clothes, brilli-brilli and a lot of carmine.

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on May 31, 2017 at 8:22 am PDT

9. Justin Bieber

For a long time it has been the most adored by teenagers. But time passes, teenagers grow up and Justin Bieber is not the character with the most followers on Instagram . Despite that, it is not too short and at this point, it has the fortune of having more than 88 million acolytes in this social network.

What does he do in it? Well, very simple. From uploading videos advancing your singles, to showing muscle and tattoos or showing us how your visit to the dentist is going.

Rampaging nights with my partners in crime, Naomie Harris and Jeffery Dean Morgan. The animal loving anti-poacher Ranger from Rwanda, the groundbreaking geneticist from CRISPR and the cowboy himself from the OGA - the "other" government agency. Three gigantic mutated monsters (silverback, crocodile and gray wolf) rampaging across the country. Party in hell. We'll see you there. #OnSet #Rampage 4-20-2018

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10. The Rock

And we end with ten, which is The Rock or La Roca. This is how famous actor  Dwayne Douglas Johnson is known,  who also works as a bodybuilder and professional wrestler. He has won a good number of world championships and has done it in different modalities.

On Instagram, La Roca has more than 88 million followers , to whom he shows the ups and downs of his daily life, training sessions and all those events he attends.

Instagram, its beginnings

It was born in October 2010 and was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. At first it was only available for iPhone and iPad. Hence, countless alternatives for Android emerged. However, April 2012 was a watershed month for the company. On the 3rd, the open version of Instagram for Android was released to the general public . Days later, just on the 9th, Facebook announced that it had bought Instagram for 1,000 million dollars.

Instagram is a perfect social network for posturing . Its operation is simple. Simply capture an image (or choose one from the gallery), crop it (this is done automatically) and apply a filter to it. In this way, what seems like a traditional beach day, becomes a sophisticated day in front of the sea.