Philips TV news at IFA 2015

The first technology brands have been at the IFA fair in Berlin and in this video you have news from Philips , specifically its range of televisions . The Philips 8901 model is one of the most prominent due to the use of a new rear projection technology, which creates an effect as if the image were going off the screen. What we used to know as Ambilight and which projected light against the wall through LEDs is now called Ambilux and this system is replaced by nine projectors . If you want to know what the result is like, click and watch our latest video.

But that's not all, Philips also introduced the new 9600 UHD TV , the flagship that integrates the company's most cutting-edge imaging technologies, including an HDR mode and improvements in brightness. We also highlight the Philips 8601 , with a very original sound system that allows you to remove the speakers and place them on two bases. In addition to televisions, Philips also has a wide range of home appliances , stereos and personal hygiene devices that we were able to see at their IFA booth .

Philips IFA 2015