How to convert music to 8D in less than a minute

How to Convert Music to 8D in Less Than a Minute 1

A few days ago we spoke in Your Expert about 8D music or 8D music. In this article we gave answers to some of the most frequent questions about this type of music now so fashionable: “what is 8D music”, “how is 8D music made”, “why is this music so famous”. We also explained roughly how this type of music was made in specialized sound editing software. On this occasion, and without being a precedent, we will teach you how to convert 8D music in a simple way and in just under a minute.

Convert songs to 8D with this simple website

8D songs are here to stay. Currently finding an eight-dimensional version of our favorite song is as easy as putting the name of the song and '8D' on YouTube so that dozens of results appear. But what if we want to convert a song to 8D?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, to convert a certain track to 8D it is necessary to have specialized editing software , in addition to certain knowledge of sound editing. Fortunately, there is a website to convert songs into 8D that allows us to upload any track in MP3 format and transform it into eight dimensions. The website in question is called 8D Music Converter (Online MP3 to 8D Audio Converter in Spanish), and its operation is very simple.

convert music in 8d

Once we have accessed the web, we must upload our track in MP3 in the corresponding button. When the track has been loaded successfully, we will give it to convert and the page will start converting automatically. Of course, we must bear in mind that the longer the song lasts, the longer it will take to carry out the process , which can take several minutes. Once it is finished, we can download the song without any problem.

Something we must mention is that, as you may have imagined, the conversion of the song to 8D is not perfect , although the effect is very successful, since the sound will move in our head as if it were a cube. Of course, to listen to this type of music we will have to use headphones or headphones . In case the result does not convince you, you can take a look at our guide on how to convert any song to 8D manually and for free through Audacity.