Interest in torrent downloads in Spain falls before the advance of Netflix

Interest in torrent downloads in Spain falls before the advance of Netflix

Answer this question: do you have a Netflix account? If the answer is "yes", it is most likely that, little by little, you have forgotten to download your movies and series through the Torrent system . Even that you have forgotten about pages like PlusDeDe, a multitude of pornographic ads and abusive advertising. You may not have noticed, but the interest in downloads in Spain has fallen with the advance of Netflix.

We don't say it. Google Trends, the Internet search engine service that measures searches and identifies the trends of its users, says so. If we compare “Netflix” and “Torrent” as search terms in the last five years (more than enough time since Netflix has been implemented in the Spanish market), the results are clear. We see how the word Torrent reaches its peak in Spain between December and January 2014-2015. Meanwhile, Netflix only receives a very small percentage of attention from Internet users. It is the heyday of the torrent download system.

Google Trends

Of course, if we advance through the graph, the progression is descending for the term Torrent and ascending for Netflix. We have gotten tired of looking for things like "Star Wars Spanish torrent" or "Spanish friends torrent", well. It seems that the average Internet user is more interested in knowing what Netflix is ​​about or perhaps what is new in the service from month to month .

Hacking vs on-demand content

The Torrent download system stood out above others such as the old and classic eMule for different reasons back in 2014. The download is anonymous and direct between users, so it did not depend so much on servers. That is, the download is constant and is more or less assured. The system is agile and has also created a whole community of users who share torrent files on web pages to pirate video games, movies and series of all kinds. You just have to Google the title of the movie with the word torrent at the end. Then you download the torrent file and put it to work through your favorite manager. Quite a task, but it avoided security problems and is fast. Enough to get used to using it and avoid paying for content legally and morally.


We do not forget about direct downloads or streaming. These systems have also grown over time thanks to the proliferation of fiber connections. More bandwidth and higher speed free up space on computers and mobile devices. That is, there is no need to download and store. Of course, be very careful with the links, advertising and pages that hosted this content a few years ago. Not only did they put the integrity of our computer at risk with numerous threats from viruses and Trojans, but they have also made us fight with quite a few pop-ups, invasive ad banners, and much, much more porn .

Netflix, however, breaks with all this. Of course it is a paid service . There is nothing pirate, although there is a flat rate for viewing content that is the most convenient for any pocket. Nor is it necessary to search for the contents and download a file that gives us access to them to reproduce them. It's as easy as browsing the recommendations, the genre sections, or doing a specific search and playing. In addition, it can boast of speed, since if we have a good Internet connection there is hardly any delay between the click and the playback. No Ads. Without dangers . And with an ever-expanding repertoire of movies and series.

Netflix vs torrents

Is Netflix Killing Hacking?

It is difficult to answer a resounding yes, but the data is there. Netflix is ​​attracting more and more interest than download torrent files.  When the service arrived in Spain, one of its managers confirmed to in an interview that Netflix monitored piracy websites as main competitors. They even helped them to know what content people want to see.

In the last 12 months, in Spain, Netflix has been more important than torrent downloads. And the trend seems to be increasing since last March, when the lines have started to separate more and more.

But beware, not everything is Torrent. In fact, this same hacking system had lost momentum in recent times compared to pages like PorDeDe, and its recent replacement, PlusDeDe . Pages in which it is necessary to register to be able to access content links via streaming or through the Internet. Thousands of movies and series that could be seen totally free and only supporting the game of some somewhat abusive banners and advertisements. In other words, you had to do a lot of clicks and close numerous windows. But without ever scratching your pocket.


In this case, if we compare PlusDeDe with Netflix on Google Trends , we find that the trend is dangerously close. Both Netflix and PlusDeDe take relevance. And little by little the second approaches the first. Of course, we talked about PlusDeDe in the past because on September 18 the system stopped working forever . One less rival for Netflix that was gaining more and more relevance.

So, somehow, Netflix manages to win this race to enjoy leisure on the Internet and on demand. At least in Spain. Its comfortable system and its flat rate price seem to have changed the opinion of many users who until now preferred Torrent, direct downloads or pirated streaming. A remarkable paradigm shift that seems to show that there are formulas on the Internet to fight against Internet piracy . Of course, will it make it disappear completely?

Netflix vs PlusDeDe

Video games, music and books, more content to pirate

We must not forget that, although movies and series have their pull in services such as Netlix, HBO or Amazon Prime (among others), there are many other contents with not so much luck. Video games, music, and books are relatively easy to hack and download over the Internet. Yes, there are systems like Spotify for music, and very comfortable and quite cheap platforms (numerous offers) for video games like Steam. But they are still cannon fodder in torrent or direct download hacking systems .


It would be interesting if an alternative explored the Netflix business model for these other contents. Perhaps this will further reduce the consumption of pirated content in favor of adjusted monthly payments that attract enough users to maintain these industries. At least Netflix is ​​doing quite well at it, producing much of its content.