Amazon and Mercadona, the face to face of Internet purchases

amazon mercadona

In just a couple of days, the Internet shopping giant has started selling and distributing food, beauty and even household cleaning products . Issues that until now were outside of Amazon , and that only other supermarkets such as Mercadona allowed purchases through the Internet . But which one offers better prices? What are your distribution policies? Which delivery before? We solve some of these questions below.


Amazon has reached the online sale of food products offering very adjusted costs in reference to Mercadona . And it is that, in general, in the same type of product and same brand , the price does not vary with respect to the online store and the usual supermarket . Remember that these are imperishable products and that they are kept out of refrigeration. Of course, Amazon has launched with well-known brands in the field of grocery sales, offering prices a few cents lower than the same products in Mercadona . Of course, this supermarket has its ownprivate brands with much more competitive prices .

amazon mercadona


Gallo Spaghetti gluten free (500 gr)1.97 euros2.05 euros
Chiquilín Cookies1.98 euros1.98 euros
Hero jam Peach jam1.75 euros1.15 euros
Nocilla2.64 euros2.71 euros
Kellogs Special K cereals2.83 euros2.89 euros


San Miguel beer (6 bottles pack)2.44 euros2.66 euros
San Miguel beer 0.0 lemon0.43 euros / unit0.55 euros / unit
Brugal Aged Rum (70 cl)12.95 euros12.95 euros
Fruit juice + milk Don Simón Works0.77 euros / liter0.83 euros / liter

Personal care

La Toja bath gel (650 ml)2.19 euros2.25 euros
Body milk under the shower Nivea4.15 euros4.35 euros
Sanex roll-on deodorant man1.83 euros€ 1.80
Nivea cream (blue tin)1.81 euros / 100 gr1.34 euros / 100 cc


Albal freezer bag (medium)2.44 euros-
Bosque Verde freezing bag (medium)-€ 1.10
Sanex roll-on deodorant man1.83 euros€ 1.80

With these tables it is possible to appreciate how Amazon seeks to cut the prices of the big brands by a few cents . Something that can make it interesting if users are loyal to these products. Of course, it is impossible to compete against Mercadona's private brands : the well-known Hacendado and Bosque Verde for household products, as well as Deliplus products for personal care.


However, several points must be taken into account when ordering through the Internet. On the one hand, Mercadona proposes two ways . One of them is to do the shopping in the supermarket itself , choosing the quantity and the products that you want to take home. All you have to do is go to the checkout and request home delivery, paying the 4.25 euros that this service costs to receive it at your door. Without using the Internet . The other option is to register on their website and make the purchase completely online . Thus, the user can move through the entire product catalog , adding to a virtual basket thenumber of units you want. All this with the same product price as in the store and the same shipping method. Of course, this completely online service is more expensive , with a price of 7.21 euros on the total purchase, without the need to place an order or minimum expense of any kind.

For its part, Amazon has more tradition in this of purchases over the Internet. Something that is noticeable in its interface , which is the same as for the rest of the products in the store. That is, large photos of the product, along with descriptions , sheets with nutritional information and comments from other users. An added value that Mercadona does not have , although in its case it does have detailed files on most products, but without photos.

Now, there are two types of products on Amazon : the usual products , which can be ordered like any other content, adding it to the cart and completing the purchase process; and the Plus Products . In this case, they are usually products that Amazon keeps in its warehouses. Items that are too small and expensive to transport by themselves, and that require an order that reaches at least 19 euros . Issues that do not affect the Premium program in any case, which remains unchanged even if there are Plus Products in the total order , as long as the minimum fee of those 19 euros is reached.

amazon mercadona

Delivery times

Again, Amazon does not change its operation despite opening its Supermarket section . In this way, orders are delivered according to the estimated time at the time of placing it , highlighting the orders for Premium products that usually arrive in less than 24 hours . Of course, as long as it is not a weekend or a holiday .

For its part, Mercadona can get to make deliveries on the same day, as long as the address of the user is in the early stages of distribution and the purchase was made before 17:00 . If not, you must wait 24 hours to find the order at the door of the house, delivering from Monday to Saturday , and even possibly a holiday if your supermarket plans to open that day. It also has the option of scheduling an order for the time slot that may most interest you throughout the week, from 9 in the morning to 8 in the afternoon.