How to make apps not waste unnecessary data

How to make apps not waste unnecessary data

I don't know if you knew that applications sometimes connect to the Internet without us knowing, most of the time to update and notify. This is an unnecessary waste of data. Do you really need Facebook to intermittently connect to the Internet to see if that "friend" who lives 500 KM from you has liked your cat photo? This is called "Automatic connections on Android".

So that we do not have that type of automatic connections in Android, the Google operating system offers you the opportunity to disconnect them. No risk to the system. Of course, you have to know what applications you can do it with. There are others, which we will list later, that must always have a connection enabled on the Internet. We start with the tutorial, very simple and intuitive.

How to disconnect automatic connections on Android

This tutorial will depend, very much, on the version of Android you have and the customization layer. A Samsung is not the same as a ZTE. Anyway, the steps to follow are usually the same always, even if the interface of what you see changes.

  • First we must go to the phone settings , which is that gear-shaped icon.
  • Then, we are going to see the list of the applications that have spent the most data. This list is important to see in which applications we will disconnect the automatic connections. To do this, in 'Wireless connections and networks' enter 'Data Use' and, within this, 'Mobile data use'.
  • Once you have access to the list, enter the application. And inside, you will see the 'Automatic Connections' switch. Turn it off.
Disconnect automatic connections

Facebook tends to consume data in the background

  • If you look at the total consumption of Facebook, you will see that in the foreground it has spent 160 MB. And in the background, that is, when we are with the mobile blocked, more than 40 MB . By having the automatic connections disabled, we can save valuable data to spend at the end of the month.

Thus, you can do with the rest of the applications. Remember, however, not to disable automatic connections in applications that require updates in the background: WhatsApp, Gmail, Play Store, Google Play Services ...

You'll see how with this trick you will start saving data at the end of the month. Do not forget to disconnect the automatic connections and start having more data.