YouTube Rewind 2016, the video with the best youtubers of the year

youtube rewind 2016

One more year YouTube celebrates its existence and the participation of content creators with the community . We refer to YouTube Rewind , a tradition that is responsible for bringing together the most famous and well-known youtubers to celebrate what it has given of itself this year on the most popular video platform in the world . Who have appeared? Where was it shot? We'll tell you then.

As usual, YouTube Rewind seeks to give visibility to its stars. And is that content creators, as well as their communities of followers that accompany them, are the key to YouTube . In this year's edition, presented by actor Dwayne Johnson , also known as The Rock, the challenges , fashions and viral videos have been the absolute protagonists. From the well-known PPAP , to the Mannequin Challange , passing through other well-recognizable contents and characters such as the incombustible Casey Neistat , the hydraulic press that destroys objects, a parody of the controversial video clip ofKaney West or even the bottle challenge .

To represent this entire year of videos, YouTube has had the presence of regular youtubers such as PewDiePie , the aforementioned Casey Neistat, HolaSoyGermán, iJustine and many others. Of course, there is also Spanish representation: ElRubiusOMG, Yellow Mellow, Luzu and WillyRex are present in the compilation video, with more or less fleeting appearances, but recording their presence on the platform.

Not everything is dedicated to video in this version of Rewind 2016 . Like other years, a mashup completes the experience of this content. Music is key to YouTube, from the music videos of the artists to the launching pad it represents for many of them. Justine Bieber, The Chainsmokers or Nicky Jam give up their verses and melodies to accompany the adventures of those YouTubers who demonstrate their dancing skills , acting, physical exercise or even when they have a game console controller in their hands.

Precisely, video games are one of the great claims of YouTube , not only because of the trailers and promotional videos that the brands publish on the platform, but also because of the large user communities that closely follow the adventures of their favorite YouTubers . The gamers or gamers also have their corner in Rewind 2016 . A couple of scenes in which it seems that some youtubers like WillyRex take control of others like Luzu . All this with a friendly, colorful appearance and full of references to the different channels of the platform and the youtubers that fill it with content.

YouTube Rewind 2016 also makes special mention of moments that have given a lot to talk about this year on the Internet. Issues such as the Carpool Karaoke format of showman James Corden , the aforementioned video clip of the apple, the pen and the pineapple, or even an imitation of Beyoncé herself . In short, a review of everything that 2016 has been in the audiovisual field, with a great mix of faces, projects and a lot of color. Have you missed any youtuber in this edition?