5 tricks to win free V-Bucks in Fortnite legally


"Get free fortnite turkeys", "how to get free turkeys in fortnite ps4 2018", "generator of free fortnite turkeys" ... There are endless variations of searches in Google that flood the top positions of Google Trends. Before starting to cite some tricks to win free turkeys in Fortnite, we must anticipate that there is no way to get turkeys galore in a matter of seconds or minutes . Some time ago we discussed this issue in an article published by our colleague Rubén Chicharro in which he explained some of the most common frauds related to the fraudulent gain of turkeys. This time we will give you five tips and tricks to get money in Fortnite (also known as V-Bucks) legally.

Of course, before proceeding it is necessary to clarify that to get these turkeys the best thing is that you buy the Save the world mode . Although its price is currently 40 euros, Epic Games usually launch periods of offers with a 50% discount.

Go online daily and complete daily tasks


If you have purchased the aforementioned Save the World mode, one of the essential requirements to earn money in Fortnite is to connect every day. Although it is from the eleventh day of connection when we start to earn bucks for connecting on a daily basis, we can combine it with the completion of daily tasks. The more tasks completed, the more turkeys we will earn.

The minimum amount in this case is about 50 bucks , which combined with the daily connection rewards, can be good ways to get V-Bucks.

Complete the Stonewood, Storm Shield and Twine Peaks missions


Surely the best way to earn free turkeys is by participating in the missions of the main locations on the Fortnite map . The downside is that to participate in some of these missions we will have to reach higher and higher levels, although the amount of turkeys per completed mission compensates for that we require.

Up to 100 and 150 turkeys we can get by completing each of these missions belonging to the Fortnite locations.

Take advantage of all the events and participate in them

The events that Battle Royale launches in Fortnite are well known. Although the number of these events held per week is lower than you might expect, participating in them is a good way to earn money in Fortnite. The amount may vary depending on the type of event, this yes.

Play as many challenges as you can (to Save the World and Battle Royale)


Fortnite challenges are the easiest and fastest way to get turkeys without paying a single euro, either in Battle Royale mode or in Save the World. In fact we can get up to 500 bucks for every ten challenges completed . The only downside is that once completed, we won't be able to do them again unless Epic Games releases new challenges again.

However, if we still have them active, it is a good way to get enough V-Bucks for free and without paying.

Complete the Collection Book if you can

If you have items, characters and weapons galore and do not need them, it is best to store them in the Collection Book to earn a few extra bucks. The only requirement is that we have a level 10 or higher to unlock it with the corresponding skill points. Once we have activated it, we can add the elements that the book indicates.

The downside is that any object, character or weapon that is kept in said book will be irretrievable, although the reward can be succulent: up to 500 bucks if we have a high level .