Livetopic, this is how this free online financial advisor works

Livetopic, this is how this free online financial advisor works

Are you worried about your finances? Are you one of those who wants to have everything under control, both now and in the future? Do you want to know what purchasing power you will lose when you retire? Or, how much should you save to live calm and confident? To solve all these doubts and some more you can use services like Livetopic. Livetopic is a free financial advisory service created by a Galician startup . This company offers us a complete X-ray of our current economic health to advise us on what decisions we must make to ensure our financial future.

Take out your financial passport

The first thing we must do if we are interested in the service offered by Livetopic is to get our financial passport. This consists of an exhaustive study of our current economic health . This will allow us to make decisions aimed at optimizing our financial resources. So we can guarantee a better future.

The Livetopic system analyzes both the work, family and financial circumstances of each case. In addition, it also takes into account the particular goals and aspirations of each user. Analyzing all this information, the system reveals which are the weak points of our economic profile , encrypting the lack of coverage or personal risks. Based on these figures, it offers us recommendations and suggestions to deal with them.

Livetopic passport financial advisor

On the other hand, Livetopic has a personalized advice service of direct attention (telephone or online) offered by financial experts . These help the user to interpret her financial passport and make concrete decisions.

Supported by a powerful Artificial Intelligence system

The Livetopic system has an intelligent algorithm . It learns from the customer and user database itself. It also takes information and references from private entities and the Administration itself.

In other words, Livetopic applies intelligence to the data provided by the user, analyzing and advising them in a more complete way . Although it is a tool suitable for all audiences, it is users between the ages of 25 and 50 who constitute its potential audience.

Livetopic insurance financial advisor

Obviously, all this study and advisory service aims to offer solutions to the client in the form of a product. The creators of the service are two Galician businessmen with a long professional career in the banking and insurance sectors.

Livetopic's native market deals with life insurance, savings plans, pension plans, and mutual funds . Only in one year more than 7,300 million euros are generated in commissions associated with these products in our country.