▷ How to remove and delete a Hotmail or Outlook account completely

How to add and configure a Gmail account in Outlook 2019

Despite its long history on the Internet, Outlook, the defunct Hotmail, has been overwhelmed by other email options such as Gmail and other more secure email options, such as YOPmail, the anonymous email account with the date of expiration. This is the reason why many users have decided to delete their Outlook and Hotmail account in the middle of 2019. A few months ago we showed you how to activate the dark mode in Outlook.com and the old Hotmail. This time we will teach you how to delete an Outlook account in a simple way and through a few steps.

How to delete a Microsoft Outlook and Hotmail account in 2019

Deleting an email account from Hotmail is not something we can do from the options on the official Outlook page. To do this, we are forced to resort to the Microsoft website , which is accessible from this link.

Once we are on the web and we have accessed our email account, we will click on the Security section . We can also access from this other link.

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Then, we will see several options related to the security of the account. The one that interests us is the one right below next to the phrase  Explore more security options to help protect your account .

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Within the option of More security options we will move to the bottom of the screen and we will give the option to Close my account in the section Close your account . Next, we will click Next and several boxes will appear that we will have to accept to confirm that we want to delete the account.

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As a point to highlight in this step, we must emphasize that any non-Microsoft service whose main account is based on Outlook or Hotmail email will be rendered useless after the account is deleted (Spotify, PayPal ...) .

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It should also be added that any Microsoft device or service that makes use of the Hotmail account will be immediately out of sync once we have deleted our account, not counting services such as OneDrive, whose content will be permanently deleted. Therefore, from Tuexperto.com we recommend reviewing in advance all those services that use our Microsoft email to avoid future problems.

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Once these points are clarified, we can proceed to delete our Hotmail account by clicking on the Next button. Our account will automatically be suspended for a maximum period of 60 days . Later it will be irretrievably eliminated.

How to recover a deleted Outlook account

Recovering a deleted Hotmail account is only possible during the first 60 days after its suspension . After those 60 days (or two months), the email will be inactive forever, and we will not be able to retrieve your information in any way.

To recover an Outlook account, the process is as simple as accessing our account again through the official Outlook.com page as long as we verify our identity through the web authentication methods. Phone number, security questions, code via web ... The account will be active again after the first login, and we will not have to reactivate it manually.

In case we want to deactivate it again, we will have to follow the same steps that we have just mentioned, since the suspension process will be canceled after the first login.