10 Gmail extensions you should try to improve your productivity

10 Gmail extensions you should try to improve your productivity

Gmail doesn't need introductions. It is number one among the various email services. Its simplicity, free, in addition to all its available applications such as Drive, Calendar or Google Photos, have made it a reference for a large volume of users .

In addition, from time to time it adds new functions and accessories that considerably expand its already enormous possibilities and that help improve your user experience. There are those that simplify their interface, others that help you organize yourself better ... well, everything. And here we are, ready to help you with a selection of the 10 best extensions so that you can improve your performance at work .Simplify

Simplify Gmail

We start the list with Simplify, an extension for Chrome that reduces the elements that appear in the Gmail inbox, improving its visibility and navigation. Through a few minor adjustments, the user interface becomes much more accessible to the user's eye , by eliminating annoying and unnecessary accesses and sidebars.

As a result we have a clean inbox so that we can focus on email only . A perfect solution for those who seek to do without all those graphic elements capable of confusing.

checker plus

Checker Plus for Gmail

Checker Plus for Gmail is an extension for Chrome that allows us to be aware of incoming emails in one or more Gmail accounts. We will be able to carry out various actions such as reading them, archiving them, marking them as read, or deleting them directly. All without having to leave the browser tab . By the way, if you have been convinced by its many possibilities, keep in mind that there is also a version for Google Calendar.


Sortd for Gmail

Is it difficult for you to organize at work? With Sortd for Gmail we have the possibility to create tasks and organize them directly from the inbox of our Gmail account.

Using a card system, where we can divide our workspace by task blocks, Sortd provides a fairly intuitive way to  plan and prioritize our email and obligations .


Email Tracking for Gmail - Mailtrack

An interesting system to keep track of the emails we send in detail. With the Mailtrack extension , we can know when an email has been opened and read.

This tool is based on a double check system similar to WhatsApp to easily keep track of our messages. In this way, a check means that our mail has been sent, but not opened, while the double check signal will determine when it has been opened and read. A simple and free email tracker, what more can we ask for?

Gmail Email Templates by cloudHQ

Gmail Email Templates by cloudHQ

Do you want to change the appearance of your emails to make it look professional? With this extension for Gmail it will be very easy for you to edit them from  predesigned templates  enriched with HTML content .

Thanks to Gmail Email Templates by cloudHQ you will have access to dozens of templates to choose from to personalize your emails with different themes to prepare invitations, reports or private emails. Of course, it also allows you to create your own templates, or even import them.



Another very useful tool to send emails like a pro . By integrating Docsify into your Gmail you will be able to track emails, links, and attachments. Sounds good right? Well, in addition to that, we also have the possibility to schedule shipments, as well as create and use your own templates, text shortcuts and a long etcetera. It is as if we put together Email Tracking and Gmail Email Templates in a single extension.

Gmail Tabs

Gmail Tabs

Is your mailbox a complete mess? Thanks to this extension you will be able to have your mailbox much more organized. Through a system of tabs located in the upper margin of our tray, we can distribute our emails by labels . In this way, just by pressing one of these tabs we can access a specific mailbox that contains all the emails to which a certain label has been assigned (work, meetings, travel).


Egnyte for Gmail

What if we could concentrate several functions of third applications in a single tool? Egnyte for Gmail is the tool you were looking for. Specially designed to prevent us from spinning too much , Egnyte allows us to access other applications without having to leave the Gmail interface.

For example, if we have to attach or link a file located in Dropbox within our mail, now we can navigate to the folders located in the cloud storage service with just one click. Of course, much easier than having to download content or having to share it from Dropbox.

DocuSign - Electronic signature for Gmail

Have you ever wondered if there is the possibility of being able to digitally sign documents from the mail itself? Stop imagining, and take a look at DocuSign, a very useful extension with which we can  easily include the electronic signature function in our Gmail. Once installed, we can add our signature to attached PDF files, or directly from Gmail or Google Drive.


Boomerang for Gmail

This tool in the form of a plugin for the Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers is another of the perfect complements to organize ourselves at work . With Boomerang we can easily manage and schedule emails to send them when it suits us best, track activity on emails already sent to know if the recipient has opened and / or read them, or set reminders of pending tasks. Everything from our professional email account.

So far our compilation with the 10 best Gmail extensions to help you improve your productivity. Did you already know some? What are your favorites? Share them with us in the comment box.