Canon Ixus 275 HS, compact camera

canon ixus 275 hs

The metal body of the Canon Ixus 275 HS , with an elegant and extra-flat design, fits comfortably in any pocket. It is a compact digital camera for those who do not want to give up taking good photos without having to carry a lot of weight. And it is that this machine weighs 147 grams , counting the memory card and the battery. It is also about three centimeters thick. It is quite versatile, thanks to the optical zoom of 12X . In addition, it integrates Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n wireless connectivity for the 2.4 GHz band. The Wi-Fi is also compatible with NFC near field communications technology. This will allow you to store the files in the cloud and share the images much more easily. Transferring photos and videos to a tablet or smartphone is a very easy operation, just like posting them on social media.

This camera incorporates a 1 / 2.3-inch size back-illuminated CMOS image sensor , complete with a DIGIC 4+ processor with iSAPS technology. This Canon can capture 20.2 effective megapixel images. The lens is equivalent to a 25-300mm in traditional photography. The lens, by the way, has an aperture of f / 3.6 - f7.0. The autofocus (TTL type) can detect faces, working with nine points or target a fixed point in the center. You can also take macro photos and burst shots at 2.5 fps (frames per second).

canon ixus 275 hs

The LCD monitor-screen offers a resolution of 461,000 pixels and its diagonal reaches three inches (7.5 centimeters). The user can adjust the brightness in five levels so that it is visible in any situation. On the other hand, the ISO sensitivity ranges from 800 to 3,200. For night photography you can use the handheld night scene mode, and for any situation where there is low light there is another special mode with the particularity that the resolution of the images is reduced to 5 megapixels. You can adjust the white balance , leave it on automatic or customizer. There is an automatic and a creative hybrid shooting mode. The photographer can still rely on the modeSmart Auto , capable of detecting thirty-two different scenes. There is another very interesting function called smart shutter that not only detects smiles but also picks up a face and a wink self-timer.

The user can apply various artistic effects to the photos he has taken from the camera's own menu. It incorporates a small flash , which can be left on automatic and put in slow sync. The camera includes a system to compensate for flash exposure that detects the subject's face. Besides, it records Full HD videos at 30 fps . The lithium-ion battery lasts for about 185 shots. Its dimensions are 99.6 by 598 and by 22.8 millimeters. The Canon Ixus 275 HS is distributed in stores in our country at a retail price of 220 euros.