5 interesting websites to buy cheap furniture online

Cheap furniture

Buying cheap furniture online is not impossible. Even if you think that you cannot find beautiful and quality things, you are wrong. On the internet you have countless stores that can help you locate just what you are looking for, always taking into account your preferences in terms of style, materials and prices.

Today we have proposed to collect five interesting websites from which you can buy all kinds of furniture , accessories and decorative gadgets. We have tried to choose stores with varied catalogs, but also aimed at different types of audiences and needs.

For example, you can find very affordable furniture of a very basic quality, to practically luxury objects, discounted almost half the price. The question is, as always, in knowing exactly where you have to look. 

lufe furniture

1. LUFE furniture

They are already a classic among us. They called them the Basque IKEA, but they prefer to call themselves directly LUFE Furniture, which is what they are. A cheap furniture factory and store that sells online and offers an IKEA-like experience. Although with more natural materials and with the particularity that they only market their furniture through the Internet. Their home is in Azpeitia (Guipúzcoa) and in two weeks they can serve your order.

They have beds (we told you about our experience with your Montessori bed on one occasion), tables, cabinets, chairs, bunk beds, double beds, chairs, benches, shelves and some extras, such as serving trays, logs or varnishes). Best of all, you can customize the furniture to your liking, because what is delivered directly to you is polished wood. 

portobello street

2. Portobello Street

If you're picky about decorating and don't want to compromise on style, you might want to check out the Portobello Street store. They are in Madrid, but they serve all of Spain (and the world). So if you want to buy online, you will not have any problem. The catalog is certainly extensive and very inspired by styles.

Okay, not all the furniture sold here is cheap . But if you don't want to give up sophistication, this is a good option to get good furniture, without having to spend what a signature set would cost you. In addition, they have an outlet section where you can find countless offers, reduced by up to 70%.



And we go to the store of stores. One cannot talk about buying cheap furniture online and leaving IKEA in the pipeline. IKEA is the largest furniture manufacturer in the world and has showrooms spread throughout the country. Also in Spain. However, for some time, it has been offering its customers the possibility of making purchases online.

Although you should bear in mind that shipping costs are high (especially if you live far from a distribution center), the price and variety of furniture that you can get at IKEA are absolutely unbeatable. Now you can track the IKEA website and close an online purchase. It will come in handy if you have to buy heavy furniture and you will have the option of hiring the assembly at the same time .

furniture catcher

4. Furniture trap

Are you one of those who are always hunting for the bargain? Well, in this case, you can immerse yourself in Trapmuebles. On this page they always offer specific offers of different combinations of furniture. This is very interesting if you need to furnish a new apartment, because you can get a whole living room furniture with up to 470 euros discount . You also have full floors, dining rooms, bedrooms or convertible sofas with discounts of up to 70%.


5. Westwing

And finally there is Westwing, an outlet specially designed for all those who do not want to give up style. From here, temporary campaigns are offered for luxury brands, so that you can get very good quality furniture at practically half the price. You will have to subscribe and you will receive offers every day to your email . If you also want to take advantage of other offers in decoration and accessories, you will also find them here.