Guide to record your voice calls by Skype and WhatsApp

Guide to record your voice calls by Skype and WhatsApp

Despite the fact that videoconferences have taken a special role in recent weeks, we cannot forget that conventional voice calls are still there. Whether it's for work or personal reasons, sometimes we need to keep a record of these calls so we can come back to them later.

Whatever the reason, here we will show you in a simple way how to record your calls on Skype and WhatsApp . Let's go there!

Preliminary considerations

Many of you may be wondering, is this legal? Well, everything will depend on whether the interlocutor is aware of this recording or not. In other words, you always have to notify the person or group of people you are calling that the call will be recorded. Otherwise, we could get into legal trouble.

And that's as long as it is in Spain, since in other countries the privacy regulations may be stricter. So we recommend that you always inform yourself in advance if you are abroad .

Having clarified this point, we will explain how to make voice recordings on Skype and WhatsApp.


Recording our calls with Skype is a waste of time, as this function is included natively within the application itself. Not only that, but when we activate voice (and even video) recording, those on the other end of the phone will receive a notice that they are being recorded.

You just have to get in touch with someone from your mobile or PC, and then press the + (Plus) button once the call has been established. You can see a circle with the indication "start recording" that you must press .

Once we finish the call, the recording will be saved in your chat for the next 30 days . After that time frame, it will be erased forever, but before that happens you can save it as an audio file.


In the case of WhatsApp, unfortunately, it is not possible to record calls directly  from the application itself, as is the case with Skype, as we mentioned above. But don't worry, for almost everything there is a solution in this life, and in this case it consists of using an app called Cube ACR.

This tool is free, in addition to being one of the best rated, having excellent reviews on Google Play. It also has a Premium version, with many more functions such as storing copies of calls in the cloud, configuring the format and quality of the audio, or even recording our recordings in a predetermined storage location, such as an SD card.

Cube ACR

Once the app is installed on your device, you will have to activate various permissions to allow the application to have access to the microphone and calls, although there are others that are not mandatory .

Once inside, you must click on the three horizontal lines that you will find in the right margin and click on "Enable recording". With this option activated, we only have to call our contact and in the call interface itself we will see a symbol to activate the recording .

Cube ACR

In case the app gives you problems, since it may give a failure when registering your mobile to see if it is suitable to record calls via VoIP , you can return to the main menu to activate again "Enable recording" and then click on the section Settings> Recording.

At the bottom, within the VoIP section, you will see an option where it says "Ignore compatibility check " . Activate it and you can now record calls on WhatsApp without problems .