LG 32UK550-B, a 4K HDR monitor with a very reasonable price

LG 32UK550-B, a 4K HDR monitor with a very reasonable price

Generally, gaming monitors with 4K resolution have a high price. Even more so if we include support for HDR images. Fortunately, some manufacturers are starting to launch 4K HDR monitors with a somewhat more affordable price. For example, the new LG 32UK550-B, a 32-inch monitor with 4K resolution and compatible with HDR10 images.

The LG 32UK550-B also features AMD FreeSync technology and is capable of covering 95% of the DCI-P3 color gamut. It also has good connectivity, with two HDMI inputs and a DisplayPort. In addition, its discreet design will allow us to use it anywhere. Let's review its characteristics.

Data sheet LG 32UK550-B

Diagonal31.5 inch
Resolution3840 × 2160 pixels
Response time1 ms
Frequency60 Hz
Brightness300 cd / m²
Viewing angles178º horizontal and vertical
SupportEdge arc line support
Speakers5 W + 5 W

2 HDMI ports

Dimensions728 × 492 - 602 × 230 mm (with stand)
Weight7 kg (with base)
Release dateOctober 11 (Japan)
PriceJust over 400 euros

Big screen, 4K and with HDR

official LG 32UK550-B monitor 4K screen

The LG 32UK550-B is a large monitor with a high resolution. We are facing a 31.5-inch panel with 16: 9 format. The panel type is VA instead of IPS, so we should have somewhat more limited viewing angles. However, LG indicates in the monitor's technical sheet that it has a viewing angle of 178 degrees.

The panel offers 4K resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels and 60 Hz. It has a response time of 4 ms (GTG), a 3,000: 1 contrast ratio and a maximum brightness of 300 cd / m2. Despite not having excessive maximum brightness, the LG 32UK550-B supports HDR10 images. With all this, it is capable of covering 95% of the DCI-P3 color gamut.

The screen offers a 16: 9 format, so we will not have problems with bands on the sides. In addition, it is equipped with FreeSync technology from AMD. This will allow us, if we have an AMD graphics, to control the flickering of the image by synchronizing the frame rate of the graphics and the monitor.

On the other hand, the LG 32UK550-B has several specialized game modes. Thus, we can adjust the monitor settings and optimize it for FPS, RTS or general games.

Simple design and good connectivity

official LG 32UK550-B rear 4K monitor

The LG 32UK550-B sports a much more sober design than usual in gaming equipment. It has an "Edge arc line support" and a completely black back. No sign of the color red and lights, so characteristic of this type of device.

In terms of connectivity, we have two HDMI ports and a DisplayPort. A headphone output is also included. And speaking of sound, the LG 32UK550-B has two 5-watt speakers.

Price and availability

official LG 32UK550-B 4K monitor price

In short, we are facing a fairly complete monitor . It offers us a 16: 9 format, which will avoid black side bands when watching videos. In addition, it has 4K resolution and, although its maximum brightness is not too spectacular, it is compatible with HDR10 images. It has good connectivity, a nice design, and is capable of covering 95% of the DCI-P3 color gamut. In addition, it has FreeSync from AMD. And all this for much less than we might imagine.

The LG 32UK550-B will go on sale on October 11 in Japan with a price of 55,000 yen, which is just over 400 euros . At the moment we do not know when it will arrive in other countries, but it does seem that soon it will be available in both the United States and Europe.