WebTorrent Desktop, an application to watch streaming torrents


Webtorrent Desktop is presented as a new open source solution to stream any torrent file we want. Available for Linux, MacOS and Windows, we just have to give it the url of the torrent and then click on the play button. It will not be necessary to download anything on our computer.

It is not the first application that comes to play torrents directly , surely by doing a memory exercise similar projects come to mind that finally had to be closed for various reasons.

As always, the app is not without controversy. It should be noted that torrent files are often associated with piracy, although from Webtorrent Desktop they only want to offer a solution for playing torrent files . In fact, there is no reference to piracy on their website, quite the opposite.

Webtorrent Desktop

How does Webtorrent Desktop work?

WebTorrent Desktop is an open source tool that is currently in beta. An application with which we can view any torrent from our computer without having to wait for the download to finish.

Of course, it does not only play videos, it also supports streaming music and electronic books. And it is that its creator, Feross Aboukhadijeh, only sees good uses for his tool. "It would be interesting to apply it to projects like Wikipedia and The Internet Archive." Although surely its use is to reproduce other types of content.

The mode of use is very simple. We just have to download the program and select a torrent from our usual pages . Of course, the application is capable of detecting magnet links, which open automatically without the need to open the .torrent, thus making it more convenient to view torrents. The first time we open the application, we will see that we have several test preloads to see how the tool works.

In order to avoid cuts or jumps, it does not start playing the content until it loads enough information in the buffer . That is, it is downloading the streaming content so that we do not have to watch a minute and get cut or similar things. As we are watching the content, it continues to download so that we do not have to wait for it to be 100% finished.

It stands out, in terms of its interface, that we can order the torrents. And in addition, it is compatible with Chromecast, DLNA and AirPlay . According to its website, we are facing the fastest torrent client on the market , which will also give us a great experience. Another of its peculiarities is that we can drag torrents on top of the application, thus facilitating the use of the tool.

On the other hand, they indicate that it is not an application for commercial use , so it is totally free of ads. There are other payment alternatives to watch streaming content, such as Netflix , Yomvi or Wuaki .