5 tricks to get the most out of the BQ Aquaris X Pro camera

5 tricks to get the most out of the BQ Aquaris X Pro camera

Your Expert RecommendedThe Aquaris X Pro is the flagship of the Spanish manufacturer BQ. A mobile with a 5.2-inch screen with Full HD resolution, a powerful technical set and Android 7.1.1 as standard.

However, if the Aquaris X Pro BQ wanted to highlight something, it is its cameras and the functions they incorporate . Specifically, we are talking about an image capture device manufactured and developed by the South Korean giant Samsung.

Even so, it never hurts to know perfectly the camera that we carry in our pocket. That is why we wanted to collect 5 tricks to get the most out of the BQ Aquaris X Pro camera .

What camera does the Aquaris X Pro incorporate?

Before starting with the tips, it is worth knowing what we have under the hood. The main chamber of the Aquaris X Pro has a sensor Samsung S5K2L7SX Dual Pixel with a resolution of 12 megapixels . This sensor offers an interesting f / 1.8 aperture and a 1.4 µm pixel size. All this allows the camera to capture much more light, thus achieving sharper photos, even in low light conditions.

This sensor is accompanied by a Dual PD phase detection autofocus system and a dual tone LED flash. We will also have available an automatic HDR mode and the possibility of shooting in RAW format, something very rare. We can even manually manage parameters such as exposure time, focus and ISO.

5 camera tricks for BQ Aquaris X Pro features

As for video, the main camera is capable of recording video with 4K resolution. We will also have the Vidhance video stabilization system . We can even record in slow motion, specifically at 120 fps with a 720p resolution.

But if selfies are our thing, the BQ Aquaris X Pro won't disappoint us either. At the front features a Samsung S5K4H8YX 8 megapixel sensor . This sensor offers an f / 2.0 aperture and uses 1.12 µm pixels. This camera also comes with a flash and is capable of recording video in 1080p resolution at 60 fps.

In short, an unusual photographic set in a terminal with a price starting at 359.90 euros . And taking this into account, we are now going to see the five tricks that we wanted to talk about.

How to take good photos in low light conditions

To take good photos in low light conditions, it  is advisable to put the mobile in automatic mode without HDR activated . After capturing the photo we will see a moving thumbnail, as we can see in the video above. This means that the mobile is processing several images to achieve the best result.

Use HDR mode in scenes with poor exposure

No matter how high the quality of the cameras are, there are scenes almost impossible for them. Some of the most complicated are when we have a part with a lot of light and another part very dark. For example, a white sky and a shadowed object or person . Or a backlight.

In these types of scenes it is recommended to use the HDR mode . Why? Because in this way the device will take three photos with different exposures and put them together so that all the parts are correctly exposed.

BQ Aquaris X Pro approach

Lock focus and exposure

In addition to including a technically powerful camera, BQ has worked hard on the Aquaris X Pro Camera application. The company has included a series of manual controls so that more knowledgeable users can play with some parameters. For example, the application allows you to lock both focus and exposure easily .

To do this we will only have to touch on the screen to focus and when the focus is finished touch on the lock icon . At that time the camera will be locked with the latest settings.

Long exposure photography

As we said, the manual control of the Aquaris X Pro allows you to modify the exposure time . That is, if we have a tripod, we can take long exposure photographs. Try taking a picture with an exposure of, for example, 10 seconds. You will see what an interesting effect.

Yes, again, in this type of photography you should always use a tripod . If we don't use it, any slightest movement will ruin the photo.

Video stabilizer on the BQ Aquaris X Pro

Activate the video stabilizer

As we mentioned in the features section, the main camera of the Aquaris X Pro has Vidhance video stabilization. This option can be activated and deactivated in the mobile settings menu. So it doesn't hurt that we go in to make sure it's activated . The difference of having it or not activated when recording motion video is enormous. Imagine that you are in the middle of a concert or recording around you while walking . The video stabilizer makes the difference between getting video with a more professional touch or a dizzy scene with continuous shaking.

And here are the 5 little tricks that we wanted to tell you to make the most of the powerful camera of the BQ Aquaris X Pro . Do you know any more? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments.