More than 100 Christmas drawings to color for free

More than 100 Christmas drawings to color for free

Christmas is a time to stay at home, enjoy the warmth of home and family activities. But we have so many vacation days that sometimes we run out of ideas. Something that always works in free moments is painting. Children really enjoy coloring pictures , so this time, what better way than to propose more than 100 Christmas pictures to color with?

The truth is that we have found proposals for everyone. Starting with Christmas, snowy and the most endearing landscapes, we will continue with the most important characters of Christmas, so we will find beautiful coloring pages of Santa Claus or the Magi . But we have many more proposals: because the children's favorite cartoon characters have also dressed up for Christmas. Here are Peppa Pig, the members of the Paw Patrol and even Mickey Mouse and her entire troop.

If you also want to make crafts, we propose you Christmas postcards to download, print, color and send on paper to your loved ones. There are also games, advent calendars and cutouts so that you can make your own nativity scene. If you dare, you can even make your own Christmas balls for the tree. Ah! And that we do not forget: the letter to the Three Kings and Santa Claus. Here you will also find cards to paint and personalize yourself.

All you need is a printer, paper and colors, markers, crayons and paints to unleash your creativity . All the drawings that you will find here can be downloaded and printed for free and as many times as necessary. Enjoy the experience and Merry Christmas!

fir tree

Christmas Scenery Coloring Pages

Let's start with something that will transport us to Christmas in the blink of an eye. They are the Christmas landscapes. Is there something that can take us to that magical time of year more than a little snowy house in the heart of a forest? To start with, we have a huge fir tree in the middle of nature, a Christmas card that is a little more graphic, but just as beautiful, a snowman in a completely snowy landscape, an idyllic snowy house, a beautiful church and a mountain with a Lovely snowman, starry night and a snowy house and another landscape, with a tree, star, moon and house.

This beautiful illustration is a winter landscape at night, with snow and a house, another house full of details that adults who also enjoy coloring will like a lot, a Christmas wreath, this dinosaur has also wanted to celebrate Christmas and a snowy town beautiful.

Christmas characters to paint

Those who make Christmas truly magical are the characters that make it up. We have from Santa Claus, to the Magi, passing through the elves, reindeer and many other magical beings that are also part of this shed and that play a fundamental role in this time of illusion and emotion .

But you also have to take into account religious characters. We refer to those who appear in the manger: the shepherd children, the announcing angels and of course, Saint Joseph, the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus. Did you know that on the internet we can also find countless pictures to color the manger? Next, we offer you a good number of coloring pages with the Christmas characters as the main characters.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus, an essential of Christmas

What would Christmas be like if this endearing character was not among us? Santa Claus is one of the first characters to arrive at our houses, on the night of December 24th. It sneaks through chimneys and balconies to leave, inside socks or near the tree, gifts for the whole family.

Here we have a nice Santa Claus loaded with a sack full of gifts, the bearded Mr. Christmas preparing some gifts, the ruddy face of Santa Claus, a very nice Santa Claus, jumping Santa Claus, the beautiful picture of Santa Claus riding on his sleigh and receiving the help of another magical Christmas character, Santa Claus says hello and here he is about to go down the roof chimney, probably to leave the family gifts by the fireplace.

Reindeer and Santa Claus are very good friends. Not surprisingly, together they have to cross the sky all night to distribute the gifts of children from all over the world. But we have more images to download for free and paint, in which it appears, for example, Santa Claus giving a gift to a child, ringing a Christmas bell that announces his arrival and here, in front of the Christmas tree, and a snowman.

Santa Claus is an endearing and loving character, above all. Another thing we can do, in addition to coloring the character of Santa Claus, is to make our own crafts. This Santa Claus, for example, can be the most fun.

Here we have it in mandala format, in case it suits you to calm the nerves of the smallest of the house, also a Santa Claus on top of an igloo, another loaded with gifts and one that can be painted with the colors of a model that has just beside. Also this one that looks endearingly at the reindeer next to it, a chubby sea that wishes you Merry Christmas, a Santa Claus to color in, but that you can also connect with dots, one that plays with a snowman, with a A bag full of gifts for everyone, even with garlands of lights and even surrounded by little birds ready to help you on Christmas Night.

A classic drawing of Santa Claus for coloring and one a little more modern, with a very graphic design. You have Santa Claus with one of his helpers laughing out loud.

Elves and reindeer are also an essential part of one of the most magical nights of the year. Here are a couple of them to color with. You also have Santa's reindeer, very jumping, and Rodolfo, Santa's most famous reindeer.

wise men

The three wise men

At the end of the year, for the children the party is not over. In fact, one of the most important holidays of the year has yet to be celebrated. That of the Magi. The three from the East will arrive during the night of January 5 , so that on the 6th, Three Kings Day, all the children can find all the gifts they have asked for in their letters.

Lets start by the beginning. Here we have found a drawing to paint in which the three wise men appear, with their respective names: Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar. But we don't have a single drawing for you. If the little ones in the house want to paint and paint the three quintessential Christmas characters, here you also have three funny Three Wise Men. We also have the three full-length Kings, with the three presents that brought the baby Jesus: gold, frankincense and myrrh. Following the star that will take them to Bethlehem to adore the little one, a beautiful drawing with the three kings and those present, bringing the gifts to the adoration of the child Jesus, three very nice kings, with the star of the annunciation, with those present in the hand and a star, on the camels, the three Kings and the star, on the way to Bethlehem with those present, a single King to color in, some very happy Magi and some very happy Kings in a fun game of the differences.

manger coloring

Nativity scenes to paint

It's a Christmas tradition that hardly anyone can miss: the manger . What if in addition to doing it at home, you also propose to the children to paint it? We have countless proposals, which are sure to delight young and old. Here you have a beautiful manger made with some nice drawings, Saint Joseph, the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus and a very complete manger, in which all the characters you know appear: in addition to Saint Joseph, the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus, There are also the three Magi, the shepherd boys, the fisherman, the shepherd, the announcing angel and even the caganer.

The family united in the stable, with the newborn Jesus, a manger with a lot of characters that you can color and cut out to install it in any corner of the house, a much more traditional manger, one with very funny and more childish drawings and here You have a stable, which will be great if you want to color and paint the characters of the manger separately. In fact, here you can download them and paint them, to cut them later and insert them into yours. You can also download, on the other hand, the mule and the ox to color, or take a look at this other drawing, which has a much more classic style.

Here a nice and beautiful image of the adoration of Jesus, the three Kings worshiping the little one, another Nativity scene to cut out with all the characters and elements that are necessary in any manger. We refer to the bridge, the well, the trees and the vegetation. If the character that fascinates you most in the manger is the Child Jesus, here we have a drawing that we can color individually. And some more cutouts that we can paint and place on the manger, also of Saint Joseph, the Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus. Finally, a nice coloring picture of the couple with the baby.


Cartoon characters at Christmas

Here we have the Disney characters: Mickey, Minnie, Goofie and Donald Duck in a beautiful winter landscape, the Simpson family (in full) riding Santa's sleigh, the Frozen characters set in an icy Christmas landscape, the Peppa Pig's family at Christmas, Hello Kitty preparing the socks in the fireplace for Santa Claus to bring the presents, Papa Pig installing the lights on the tree, little George Pig opening the presents by the tree.

We have also found Winnie the Pooh wishing us a Merry Christmas, and Peppa giving cookies to her friend Suzie to celebrate Christmas. Those who have also wanted to dress up for Christmas are the members of the Paw Patrol. The popular characters in this cartoon series also wear Santa hats and want to wish us a happy and magical Christmas.

Mickey Mouse opening a gift that Santa Claus has brought him, the classic characters from the Walt Disney factory singing along with a Christmas carol, Bella surrounded by gifts, little Mickey on a sleigh full of gifts, Mickey Mouse loaded up to his ears with packages, Ariel, the Little Mermaid, also wants to congratulate us on Christmas, Mickey and his friends dressed up, Beauty and the Beast preparing Christmas with a tree in tow, Bambi and Tambor collecting winter fruits, Tweety dressed for the occasion and Winnie The Pooh and his friends.

But if there is a quintessential Christmas movie, it's Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. So below we offer you a few drawings of that movie. If the little ones have seen it, they will really enjoy it. If not, you already have another activity to add to the list of things to do at Christmas: watch the movie as soon as possible. You are sure to love it! Here you can download up to ten Nightmare Before Christmas drawings to color: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Letters to the Kings and Santa Claus for coloring

Letters to the Magi and Santa Claus for coloring

One of the most special moments of Christmas is, without a doubt, the one in which children, together with their families, write letters to the Magi and Santa Claus. The truth is that in most toy catalogs there are already pre-made letters. But if you want the children to have an active role in making the letter, what you can do is print one of these and have them color and decorate them to their liking.

You have, for example, a very nice letter for Santa Claus, in which the little ones can express their wishes and, if possible, ask them for a gift. But be careful, if you need a little more space, here you will have plenty, to make your list longer. You also have another in gray colors,

If you prefer to create your letter to Santa Claus by making a craft , you can download this letter, cut it out and paste it. The little ones in the house are sure to have a great time. And also, you can print as many letters as you need. It is beautiful and attractive.

But if what you are looking for are letters for the Magi that can also be colored in, you have to take a look at all the ones we have found, which by the way are not few. We have, to begin with, a letter in which the three bearded men are drawn, as well as lines so that children can write correctly on the paper, although if you prefer you can also download letters with blank pages , with drawings to color, but with plenty of room to write. Whichever you choose, below we propose a total of ten cards that you can download, print and paint: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Christmas mandalas to paint

Christmas mandalas to paint

Do you know the mandalas? If you usually color adult drawings, you may have used them many times to relax. And the truth is that they are great, both for adults and children. How about we take advantage of this Christmas break to paint a few Christmas-inspired mandalas ? We have found a lot of interesting proposals, which you can download and print yourself.

We have found one with geometric shapes that remind us a lot of Christmas trees, a very special fir tree, a circle with a sock in the center, a generously sized sock so that Santa Claus can put gifts inside, a set of wrapped packages and ready to open, a precious reindeer ready to soar through the sky at the command of Santa Claus, many borders, trees and garlands, the Santa hat and even a super Christmas mandala, with the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph and the Child Jesus . Yes, they also appear in mandalas to color.

There are also images of snowflake-shaped mandalas, a page with three mandalas with the face of Santa Claus, a snowman and a bell with a bow, Christmas balls for the tree and snowflakes, candles and trees, a lots of objects related to Christmas, angels and details a little more mystical, houses, clocks and trees, a very special gift, trees and hearts, a very original mandala made with Christmas balls, a New Year's greeting and a tree that it is pure geometry.

christmas mandala balls

If it is the adult who wants to color, this mandala is a little more complex, as well as beautiful . It consists of a couple of Christmas balls, which you can paint in great detail. This decorated tree is also perfect for adults who want to relax painting around this time. We have also found a wonderful crown, a mandala with Christmas motifs, as well as a collection of mandalas that you can print on two pages.

We can download mandalas with little angels and hearts, stars and balls for the tree, a beautiful house to celebrate the Christmas holidays, different balls to color, a geometric nativity scene and a pattern with countless Christmas motifs.

coloring balls

Christmas balls to hang on the tree

Surely every year you think the same. Christmas arrives , you get ready to make the tree and when you have it ready, you realize that you have been putting the same balls for decades. Isn't it time to change a bit? Well look, a very entertaining activity for children (and also for the elderly, it goes) can be to print and decorate yourself.

That is why we have thought of offering you a lot of balls that you can easily print, and for free, at home. Then it will be enough for you to go for a few colors, markers (and even all the glitter you have on hand) to make some super beautiful and original balls .

To make them more consistent, you can print them on paper, but then glue them on cardboard . In this way they will endure all of Christmas - and who knows if the one to come - without breaking or bending anywhere. Below, we offer you a collection of twenty different balls, ready to color as you like (some pages include more than one ball, and even six): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20.

You will see that most of these balls that we propose have drawings, but you will also see some that are completely white. In this way, in addition to painting them yourself , you can create your own decorative motifs, including personal drawings or even phrases that mean something to the family or to your loved ones.

christmas postcard

Christmas postcards to color and send

It is a custom that has been lost over time, because the truth is that we have replaced it with cold WhatsApps. Could there be something more endearing about Christmas than receiving a beautiful handmade greeting from our friends and loved ones? If you intend to recover the tradition of making Christmas cards to send them to everyone you want, perhaps you can download any of these that we present.

You can print them directly on a thicker paper, so that once printed and colored, you can send them to yours. You can also use colored paper or any other support that you think would be useful to create a really beautiful postcard.

In any case, we propose the following : a very nice Santa Claus, a Christmas tree, a beautiful crib, Christmas candy in the form of cotton rods, a classic crib, a kitten in a Christmas sock, a candle with mistletoe, a Christmas bear to color in, an endearing little angel, some children decorating the Christmas tree, a very funny Santa Claus, a little angel who wishes us Merry Christmas, a singing reindeer who wishes us a Merry Christmas and New Year, two Christmas elves, Santa Noel giving toys to a girl, a snowman and, finally, a postcard with a customizable tree.

advent calendar to paint

Advent calendars to color

Christmas is one of the most anticipated celebrations for children. Also for the elderly. But it is clear that the true protagonists of Christmas are the smallest of the house . And the truth is that, since Christmas begins to point, it is difficult to liven up the wait. We often resort to games and activities, both as a family outside the home, and within the home.

But one of the most recurring options is, without a doubt, that of the advent calendars. Surely you already know them. You can find them in the supermarket, filled with chocolates: one for each day until the night of December 24, which is when Christmas definitely arrives. However, there are other options, such as making your own advent calendar at home.

But if the little ones feel like coloring, a fun activity can be to paint their own Advent calendar . So we have set out to find a few advent calendars to download and print for free. Here is, to begin with, an advent calendar can be colored in and it can also function as if it were a game of the Goose. You will see that there are many characters. But this is not all.

Here we have an advent calendar with all the days, laid out like clothes, and ready to color according to the artist's taste. This Advent calendar has a year, but since all December are the same, you can download it and paint it, and then carry out all the activities and actions that are proposed for Advent . This other can be painted, for example, day after day, as the month progresses and until the long-awaited Christmas.

This calendar is shaped like a Christmas tree and this other one proposes many activities to do in this wait for the arrival of Jesus. This one is perfect to use as a children's craft: Santa Claus appears, with a beard as a calendar, also ready to color. Lovers of details have another great advent calendar to paint here. Finally, we propose another advent calendar, which we can paint following a code of numbers.