How to uninstall the apps that come from the factory with a Samsung mobile

How to uninstall the apps that come from the factory with a Samsung mobile 1

If we could make a tower with the mobiles in the world, we would reach the moon… And beyond. In Spain alone, we have more than 50 million active mobile lines , almost all of them Android. And that's not counting those that are abandoned in a drawer. Thus, today smartphones are like miniature computers with more functions than a Swiss army knife.

They say that mobiles are loaded by the devil. The same is a bit of an exaggeration, but the terminal that reaches our hands usually comes full of applications and tools that we probably will not use in life . Some of those applications even stick like limpets that do not leave the memory of our phone even if we pass it through bleach.

And we are not only talking about the apps of the operating system. Almost all manufacturers add their applications and tools in what is called the software layer. Some are useful, but others may seem designed by an enlightened.

In this of its own applications Samsung is the king. The Korean company has been the world's largest mobile phone seller for years. Last year alone it sold nearly 300 million phones, which is said soon. And that shows in the quantity and quality of the apps and tools that a Samsung mobile comes with .

Of course, not all are equally good. It is likely that some hassled or suck resources and permissions on your phone without measure. Today we are going to explain to you which are the apps pre-installed on Samsung mobiles, what they are for and how to uninstall them.

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