5 things you can do to go unnoticed on WhatsApp


Going unnoticed in this hyper-connected world is not easy. Most of the people who did not want to fall into the Facebook and WhatsApp networks , in the end they have succumbed. And it is that to continue interacting with others and also to be operational, these kinds of applications are needed. And a lot. WhatsApp is one of the most powerful resources out there and one of the most used in recent times. The most recent official data we have points to a whopping over 1 billion users . And even if it seems to you that your privacy is in question and that you cannot escape the networks of these modern inventions, you are very wrong. It's possible. Today we proposeDo five things to go unnoticed on WhatsApp without opting for the radical solution, which is, logically, to eliminate it from your life.

1. Goodbye to the double blue tick.

It is the number one enemy of those who wanted to go unnoticed on WhatsApp , since it is the clue that indicates to their interlocutors that a message has actually been read. If you want to deactivate this option so that no one can see if you have read their messages or not, do the following: open your WhatsApp and access the Settings and Account section . Then, click on the Privacy option  . If you look at the bottom of the screen (you will see the same whether you access through an iOS or Android device ), there is a section that says Read receipts. Uncheck the box, but keep in mind that if you do, you won't be able to see other people's read receipts either (although they will work in group chats).


2. Delete the time of the last connection.

There are many idlers who gossip when you last connected, so if you want to leave them wanting, you can also delete the time of the last connection and prevent it from appearing next to your name. Doing it is very easy. Access the Settings, Account and Privacy menu . You have to click on the first option, which is the one that corresponds to the Time of the last time. Here you have three possibilities: mark All, My contacts or Nobody . Click on the last option if you don't want anyone to see when you last accessed WhatsApp .

3. Keep messages from reaching you.

If you want to go unnoticed and do it with level, you can also do something else, which is to prevent messages from reaching your phone. In this way, the senders will see a single tick (of sent), but not both (of received) and you will be able to continue playing Swedish and say: What did you send me a message? Well, I have not received anything!  To achieve this, go to Settings> Application manager (Android) and when you find WhatsApp , click on Force stop . If you have an iPhone , touch the circular button on the iPhone to access active applications. From here you can also turn off WhatsApp and avoid receiving notifications until you turn it on again.

4. Hide your photo.

And your profile picture? Do you want no one or only some people to see your photo? This is another option that you can configure to tiptoe through WhatsApp . All you have to do is access Privacy and Profile picture . When you are inside, select My contacts so that your photo is only accessible to the contacts that you have added. If you don't want anyone to see it, don't worry: check the Nobody box , although for that, you'd better not put any.

5. Don't lose your curiosity ...

We have already told you that if you decide to hide the blue ticks and the time of the last connection, you will not be able to see this information from other users either. This in theory, because in practice, there is an application that will allow you to continue gossiping about this information without others having to see yours . It's called StealthApp and it allows you to read the messages externally, without necessarily having to access WhatsApp . This prevents the double blue tick from being marked and our last connection time from appearing. You can download it only for Android .

What do you think of these tips? Are you still hiding under the shell? Come on, tell us something in the comments. There is no double blue tick here!