The 5 best channels to learn science through YouTube

The 5 best channels to learn science through YouTube

YouTube has become a very interesting service to learn all kinds of things. It is possible to access channels with a multitude of themes. From cuisine, languages, beauty, technology or even science. It is a simple and enjoyable educational platform. Through illustrative videos you can find explanations that make learning easier. If to this we add the possibility of stopping the lessons to continue at another time, the advantages are even greater.

Today we have to talk about science. As we say, like other topics, on YouTube there are a wide variety of science channels with which we can learn more and, above all, surprise ourselves with experiments and curiosities. If you are interested in this topic, do not stop reading. We recommend five channels in which you can become much better familiar with this matter.

1. Give yourself a Volt

With just over 410,000 followers, Javier Santaolalla is in charge of running this channel, promising a monthly video. This young physicist will try to answer many of the questions that you have been able to ask yourself on occasion. For example, it will help you figure out how the brain works, what could end the world as we know it now, or what happens when millions of protons rush through you.

On his channel, Santaolalla also touches on other topics of interest, such as string theory, time travel or black holes. On the occasion of the death of Stephen Hawking, in his last published video he pays tribute to the popular theoretical physicist, speaking a little about his legacy and what awaits science from now on, without him already in the world. We encourage you to visit Give yourself a Volt and post your questions in its comments section.

2. Inquiring TV

If you love science, but especially the branch of medicine, pay close attention to Indagando TV. This channel was founded by the journalist and science communicator Graziella Almendral . She herself defines it as the first dedicated to spreading science and medicine through the Internet. Its main objective is to take advantage of the popularity of the platform to talk about all the advances that occur in the field of health and research. However, it does not have many followers, at the moment it does not exceed 9,000 subscriptions.

If you want to take a look, in Indagando TV you will find several different blocks, with an International Humanitarian Medicine video library, as well as a section for space, botany or fauna. You will find really interesting videos. For example, there are several in which they talk about the fight against AIDS, or about how bilingualism can protect against diseases like Alzheimer's, something that is really curious. As the video explains, being bilingual delays the onset of this neurodegenerative disease by an average of four years. It also creates a kind of cognitive reserve that helps to keep brain functions in better condition. Intellectual activity helps this reserve increase. Are you going to miss it?

3. QuantumFracture

José Luis Crespo is another physicist in charge of running the YouTube channel QuantumFracture. He regularly publishes videos in which he talks about interesting and complex issues in a simple and didactic way. Currently his channel has almost a million subscribers, so we can say that it is one of the most popular in this field. It has been active for some time, since 2013. He inaugurated it at the age of 18, when he had just landed in Madrid from Valdepeñas to study physics at the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM). Five years later, Crespo has finished his studies and many of his videos exceed one million views, which is said soon.

Crespo's way of transmitting coincides with the slogan of his channel: "The most crazy (and real) side of the universe. Through his videos, the viewer will be able to understand a really complex matter such as physics, in an easier and more fun way. For this, Crespo uses an informal and close language. Basically, it seems as if you are listening to a friend talk about day-to-day topics, like sports or politics.

4. Plato's Robot

Another popular science channel on YouTube is that of Aldo Bartra, a Peruvian social communicator living in New Zealand. Plato's Robot is dedicated to scientific knowledge and information with a very varied content. There are videos on physics and chemistry, the Universe, or even philosophy. In some of his videos, Bartra will try to clear up doubts that you have surely asked yourself on more than one occasion.

It explains, for example, what is the temperature of space, what is dark DNA or how we could live on Venus. Its methodology is quite didactic, providing very interesting data and details.


Finally, we recommend that you stop by CdeCiencia, the Martí channel. This young popularizer, a geology student, uploads videos related to scientific topics of various kinds. From geology or chemistry, through physics, astronomy and other similar branches. Mainly the format it uses is based on weekly scientific news and monthly thematic videos, which have a more philosophical tinge.

One of his most interesting videos is the one that talks about the end of the world. Martí will try to clear up some doubts such as what will be the last thing that will happen, when and how we will become extinct, what the end of the universe and life will be like, or what the destruction of our planet will be like. Questions that are very difficult to answer, but that he asks clearly, using different hypotheses. His style is jovial, and, like that of other channels, in his videos he tries to talk colloquially about quite complex issues.