The Big Brother 17 app is a scam that can cost you dearly


Keep an eye out! An application called Big Brother 17 has been published in the Google Play Store , which is not the official one and is also a scam . The application has managed to be one of the most downloaded in the Google application store , with more than 10,000 installations . When you open the application you will not see anything about Big Brother , you will simply see a box where you can put your phone number . If you put the phone, what the application will do is subscribe to a premium paid messaging service . The cost of these messages is 1.45 euros per SMS, and can even receive up to 30 messages per month .

Big Brother is a Mediaset program that has a huge audience. Although we have already reached the 17th edition, the program is still very much alive on television and draws a large audience. This makes any application that appears on the program one of the most downloaded in any application store. For this reason, some malicious developers take advantage to launch fake applications and make people "sting" . It is precisely what has happened with the application of Big Brother this year . If you search the Google Play Store you will find two applications with the same logo, the one that heads the article. One of them is called OFFICIAL Big Brother and the otherBig Brother 17 . The OFFICIAL Big Brother application is the good one , it is the original from the production company and the one that we must download if we want to follow the Tele 5 program . However, the Big Brother 17 application has managed to sneak among the most downloaded on the Play Store and is FALSE . We will not have to pay to download it, but when we open the application we will be shown a small message that warns us that we have to enter our phone number to subscribe . Don't do it! What this application does is subscribe to a premium messaging system . These systems send SMS messages to our mobile phone and,For each message you send us, we will pay 1.45 euros . Taking into account that they can send us about 30 messages a month , we could receive an invoice of more than 30 euros .

Big Brother 17 Fake App

Unfortunately, this type of scam is quite common, so we always recommend talking to our operator and blocking premium SMS , both sending and receiving them. This action can save us more than one displeasure if we sign up for a service of this type without realizing it or if the child picks up our mobile to see certain content. Simply by calling our telecommunications operator or entering the corresponding customer area, we should be able to deactivate this option. In addition to blocking this type of malicious applications, it can also save us from clicking on a false WhatsApp message that runs on the network, such as the one we recently saw about false coupons to buy at Zara .

If you like Big Brother and want to follow the news on your mobile, download the OFFICIAL application , avoid downloading the Big Brother 17 application .