Samsung C23A750 wireless monitor with 4 USB 3.0 ports

samsung ca750 1

New screen from the Korean Samsung . The model C23A750 is a wireless monitor of 23 inches that can connect almost seamlessly with both the desktop and a laptop , to see things larger. Has access to various computers, and automatic adjustment . It is enough for a computer with the corresponding software installed to be within the action radius of this monitor for the images to appear on the screen automatically.

It is a simple, elegant, discreet team . It is very usable, with a double-hinged foot , which facilitates positioning at the precise height, and even the use of a second monitor for dual screen . As it can be placed in many different positions, it is especially suitable for viewing multimedia content and for playing video games . You can manage a wide variety of positions.

samsung ca750 2

Another of its virtues lies in the built-in hub . It has USB 3.0 ports and not only to play content, but also to recharge all kinds of mobile devices. The data transfer is also very fast and any memory device that is connected to the monitor will transfer the data wirelessly to the laptop or desktop computer. For example, a 270GB movie will go to your computer in just over a minute .

If the monitor is connected to the local network with the corresponding ethernet cable , the notebook can also be networked without the need for cabling. Even more interesting, the monitor can detect if there are wireless links to the Internet and it connects automatically. The image it offers is very good, and it sets the resolution automatically based on the received signal. The user does not have to worry about those details. It also has good contrast and detailed colors, ideal for movies. When the user turns off the computer or moves away from the monitor, it goes to sleep and reduces consumption.