The most delusional memes to congratulate Father's Day on WhatsApp

The most delusional memes to congratulate Father's Day on WhatsApp

Another year came Father's Day. Time to put aside possible grudges and dedicate yourself to remembering the good and the fun. As children, it is important to understand that possibly one day we will be the parents and we will do the same as them. As parents, you have to understand your children because we have already been them.

Either way, this day is a perfect occasion to bring out the good humor with our parents, or all those we know who are. We bring you some funny memes for you to share on WhatsApp or Facebook and make you smile.

We start with some loved by all, the Simpsons. They reflect the ups and downs of relationships with parents better than ever . Sometimes it seems that we want to kill them, but deep down we want them to understand each other perfectly. You have to be understanding and forgive them for small misunderstandings:

fathers day simpson

The legends about Julio Iglesias and his endless history of conquests is known to all. Therefore, this meme is ideal to make a wink to who, perhaps, who knows, is really our father . Could this be a perfect time to make confessions, mom?

father's day julio iglesias

The pressure to be a child and to live up to expectations can be great. That is why we offer you the possibility of paying homage to the most famous father of contemporary cinema, Darth Vader. In this case, little Luke may not have made the gift his father would be waiting for . However, there is the task of the father, he must be understanding and accept that what matters is the good filial intention.

father's day vader

If you prefer to opt for a slightly more hooligan meme to share, this may be your option. It is clear that a single gesture can turn a simple night of fun into the beginning of a long story. All those who made that decision and are proud that they did , will welcome this meme with joy.

fathers day meme

We continue with a small dose of bad milk. And it is not only children congratulating their parents on Father's Day. Mothers can do it too, and that's the ideal time to remind them of the times they have been too smart . Some other insurance that feels identified with this vignette, hopefully with a good humor:

fathers day another meme

Just as fathers are also husbands, for husbands, there are fathers who are also in-laws . Despite the myths, most of them get along quite well with their sons-in-law. However, for all those who still have their reservations, you can give it a nose and send this meme to them. Of course, the next family dinner can be very hectic:

in-laws meme

Another reference of father, already among closest generations, is Son Goku. For all of you who have grown up with these drawings, receiving a meme like this can make your tears fall . And it is that Son Goku, no matter how clueless he was, loved his son like nobody else, and he trusted him to save the planet. Let's see how many more have done that ...

father's day goku

And let's not forget the animal kingdom. Many times a clear metaphor of ourselves, they serve to make us see from the outside. If you ever felt like this puppy, confident that his dad will protect him from any danger , then you should send this meme. We just hope your father doesn't drool like that!

father's day dog

To end this Father's Day session, we want to pay tribute to all those fathers who are not only fathers on March 19, but who are all year long. Being a parent is a full-time job throughout life .

Therefore, apart from the Father's Day tie, we have to remind ourselves every day of how hard they have worked for us to have a good life . As parents, send this meme and everyone will understand. Of course, the slap is optional.

father's day batman