How to remove all bookmarks from Google Chrome


This is the panorama. You go to see your favorite web page in Chrome and you find a list of bookmarks that reaches the bottom of the screen ... And beyond . It is something that happens to many of us after using the browser for a while. Eliminating bookmark by bookmark is not at all comfortable, and in the end this bar becomes a graveyard for elephants to which all the curious websites that we find on the net will die . Sometimes the best solution is to clear all bookmarks and start over, but even this option is not as easy as you might hope. We tell you the easiest way to delete all Google Chrome bookmarks in one go.

Google Chrome Bookmarks

Let's be honest. There is a radical way to cut with markers. Delete all browsing data and favorites of our user . But if you don't want to go that far, there is a less drastic shortcut that can serve us much better. The first thing we have to do is open the bookmarks panel from the Chrome settings and the "Bookmarks manager" option

google chrome bookmarks 02

Settings Button (Three Horizontal Bars) â † 'Bookmarks â †' Bookmark Manager

Once in this window, on the right we will see a list with the different bookmark folders and on the right all the bookmarks that we have saved. We can select any marker, press the right mouse button and delete the favorite. However, what we are interested in here is to delete all the markers in one go.

How to remove all bookmarks from Google Chrome

Select markers: Click on the first marker â † 'Go to the last marker â †' Hold down the shift key and click on the last marker â † 'Right mouse button on the screen â †' Delete

To do this, we select the first of the markers with the mouse and then we go to the last. Holding down the "shift" key , we click on the marker and all favorites will be selected . At this point, just click with the right button and then on the "Delete" option . Be careful, because once we have done that step there will be no going back. If we want to leave any of these markers alive, the trick is to press the "control" key on those markers that we want to save. 

In short, a simple way to get rid of heavy bookmarks and make a clean slate in Chrome.