Tricks and fixes for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4 tricks

Presented at the beginning of September last year, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is still one of those great terminals that are part of the South Korean catalog. The device has already been overshadowed by the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, but it continues to satisfy all those users who ask telephony for something more than calls and messages.

The phone boasts a 5.7-inch QHD screen , a quad-core processor with a power of 2.7 GHz per core, 3GB of RAM, a 16-megapixel main camera and the possibility of being able to use it with the famous stylus of the company, S Pen . Even in the case of such a complete mobile, it is true that many users have been complaining of various problems, from delays when taking pictures, slowness when carrying out some processes or problems with the WiFi connection . If you have this model and sometimes you run into an error, pay close attention to the following tricks and solutions.

Galaxy Note 4 tricks

Camera lock

Sometimes the Galaxy Note 4 camera app tends to crash. If you have noticed that this happens to you, or it also happens with any other application, try the following. Go to Settings> Application manager> All> Camera (or other application)> and tap on Clear data . If this doesn't help, you may have to sacrifice all your stored data by hitting Clear Cache in the same menu.

Wireless and Bluetooth connection problems

It is very common for mobile phones to have connection problems. If lately you notice that your Galaxy Note 4 is having them with Bluetooth, the problem could be due to the device with which it is trying to pair. Some accessories can only be paired with a single device. So try unpairing the accessory from the other device you used it with. When it comes to the WiFi connection , the culprit could be your router. Try restarting it or using an app, such as Wi-Fi solver.

How to fix lags on the Galaxy Note 4

If you are experiencing slow system, S Voice could be the cause of your problems. The voice assistant can be started by pressing the start button twice. If you only tap once to go to the home screen, the Note 4 will wait to see if you tap a second time before leading you to it. That wait can be remarkable. You can disable this feature by launching S Voice and disabling Open via the home button.

How to speed up animations on the Galaxy Note 4

  • Go to Settings> More> Developer Options

If you don't see the developer options, go to About device , and scroll down to the build number. Press five times. You should now see a message that says " Developer Mode has been enabled ". Go back and do the previous step again.

  • Go to the section titled Drawing
  • Find Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Duration Animation Scale

You will have two options for each one. You can disable them completely, or double the speed by setting the scale to 0.5x. The difference is amazing and makes your phone go much faster.