Yamaha MCR N470, the mini system that includes a speaker without cables

Yamaha MCR N470, the mini system that includes a speaker without cablesYamaha is well known for its motorcycles, musical instruments, and audio devices. Their mini-chains are a success and we liked the MCR N470 in their test. That model is compatible with the brand's wireless multi-room MusicCast system . Now Yamaha makes it easy for you to get started in that way of enjoying music: they give you a WX-010 wireless speaker when you buy the mini system. The MCR N470 costs 499 euros (now with a WX-010 included until May 31).


This mini system includes two speakers and a central body with all the electronics. You can connect almost any sound source to this amp . It has its own CD player, a USB input for music files, two rear analog inputs, and network connectivity. With it (by cable or WiFi) you can access Internet Radio and it is AirPlay compatible. It also has Bluetooth, both to send music from the mobile and to send it from the Yamaha.

Yamaha mini stereo, rear

Thanks to that and its WiFi connectivity is how we can enjoy Yamaha's MusicCast functionalities. We can send music to any compatible speaker located anywhere in the house (with coverage). And the music may come from any of the sources, to be able to have music in each room, or each one to your liking. Everything is controlled from the application for mobile or tablet (Android / OS).

Wired and wireless speakers

The mini system has its two traditional speakers, with cable. They are powered by the Yamaha MCR's own body amplification section, which uses low-consumption, high-performance digital-type power stages. As for the boxes, of the NS-BP150 own model, they are two-way passive boxes with a very inert interior structure.

Yamaha WX010

The speaker that they give us , the WX-010, is a wireless model. It is a compact active box (includes its amplification inside), with two channels but with two extra passive radiators to improve the bass. Of course, it has wireless connectivity (WiFi and Bluetooth) to receive music as is most comfortable for us.