Go back in time with this Windows 7 menu for Windows 10

Go back in time with this Windows 7 menu for Windows 10

Windows 10 is an operating system that has introduced a lot of changes. Most of these changes have been well received by users, but there are some that have not been too liked. One of the things that users least like about the new Windows 10 is the look of the Start menu. In this article we explain how you can change the appearance of the start menu of your Windows 10 , so that it looks much more like Windows 7, one of the most appreciated by users.

With the arrival of Windows 8, Microsoft tried to give its operating system a major facelift. The start menu was the element most affected by this change in trend on the part of the Redmond company. With Windows 8, the Start menu was directly eliminated, although it was later rescued with the arrival of Windows 10.

However, the Windows 10 start menu is far from the more traditional design that was shown in other versions of this operating system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista and even the popular Windows 7.

The new Windows 10 Start menu offers a combination of the classic Windows start menu together with the Windows 8 Metro interface. This is something that we can verify very easily by looking at the tiles that appear within this menu. It is the latest version of the operating system from Microsoft.

windows 10 start menu

Many Windows 10 users miss the traditional look that the Start menu presented in previous versions of the operating system. Fortunately, there are some free and very easy-to-use tools that we can install to recover that traditional aspect that we long for.

One of these tools is Classic Shell . It is a small, completely free to use program that we can install on our Windows 10 computer to modify the appearance of the Start menu to our liking. You can download Classic Shell in a very simple way from the official website of the project.

Once the download is complete, you just have to install it like any other Windows program. The installation program is very simple, since you will only have to click "Next" several times.

When the installation of Classic Shell is finished, you can configure the program to leave the appearance of the Windows 10 Start menu as you like it.

The first thing you will have to do is define the basic appearance of the new Windows 10 Start menu. Classic Shell offers us three options, we recommend that you opt for the " Classic with two Columns " option as it is the one that usually works best for most of the users.

windows 7 menu on windows 10 1

The program also offers us the possibility to replace the appearance of the start button . We can choose between two designs that are pre-established with the program, although it also offers us the option of uploading our own image to use it as the Start button icon.

windows 7 menu in windows 10 02

The next step is to select an aspect skin for our Start menu. The program comes with several skins or aspects that we can select. If what we want is to leave the start menu of our Windows 10 operating system as similar as possible to that of Windows 7, we must select the "Windows Aero" skin . We recommend that you try the rest of the skins, this way you can see which one you like the most.

windows 7 menu on windows 10 3windows 7 menu on windows 10 3

This is how it looks in any Windows 10 Start menu with the options that we have selected in the Classic Shell program.

windows 7 menu on windows 10 4

Classic Shell offers us more configuration options, but we believe that the ones we have explained here are the most basic and the ones that 99% of users will need to configure.